Animal Biotechnology

Trainings Attended

YearScientist NameTitle Of TrainingTraining TypeOrganised ByDurationMore Info
2021Dr. Hina F. BhatRole of Nanotechnology in modern agricultureTrainingsNAHEP-Division of Plant Pathology, SKUAST-Kashmir, Shalimar.10 DaysSelect
2021Dr. Hina F. BhatInternational conference on challenges and strategies in reproductive and environmental health during and after covid-19 pandemic (issrf-2021)ConferenceICMR & University of Delhi3 DaysSelect
2021Dr. Hina F. BhatApplication of Novel Methods in Prevention and Control of Zoonosis and ensuring Food Safety.TrainingsCoVSc & AH, NDVSU, Jabalpur (MP).21 DaysSelect
2020Dr. Hina F. BhatGoogle suite for E-learningTrainingsARIS, SKUAST-K5 DaysSelect
2020Dr. Hina F. BhatEmerging aspects in parasitology: a shift in approachConferenceGovt. Degree college, Anantnag1 DaysSelect
2020Dr. Riaz A ShahDr V Kurien Memorial Lecture: The saga of Artificial Insemination in Indian DairyingSeminarICAR-NDRI, Karnal1 DaysSelect
2020Dr. Riaz A ShahAchieving Zero Hunger by 2030: Critical role of Agriculture and allied sectorsConferenceNAHEP- F.V.Sc & A.H, SKUAST-Kashmir, Shalimar.1 DaysSelect
2020Dr. Riaz A ShahWildlife Conservation- Kashmir PerspectiveTrainingsSKUAST-K, Shalimar1 DaysSelect
2020Dr. Mudasir AndrabiUnderstanding Biometrical Genetics: Statistical Manoeuvering towards Ensuring Food SecurityTrainingsDryland Agriculture Research Station, Budgam, SKUAST-K10 DaysSelect
2016Dr. Hina F. BhatBioinformatics in Molecular data analysisTrainingsF.V.Sc & A.H, SKUAST-Kashmir2 DaysSelect
2017Dr. Hina F. BhatNational workshop cum training program on genomics and stem cell technologies in animal production and developmentTrainingsDivision of Animal Biotechnology, F.V.Sc & A.H, SKUAST-Kashmir8 DaysSelect
2015Dr. Hina F. BhatNational Training Program on Advance Approaches in Genomics, Bioinformatics and animal cell culture technologiesTrainingsDivision of Animal Biotechnology, F.V.Sc & A.H, SKUAST-Kashmir21 DaysSelect
2014Dr. Hina F. Bhat2nd AIST International Imaging Workshop at DIALAB-Biomedical Institute, Japan.TrainingDBT-AIST Japan7 DaysSelect
2018Dr. Hina F. BhatApplication of Statistical genetic techniques in animal ImprovementTrainingsDiv. of AGB, SKUAST-K, Shuhama.2 DaysSelect
2017Dr. Hina F. BhatINSPIRE Faculty monitoring cum Interaction meet at IISER, Pune.ConferenceDST-IISER-Pune2 DaysSelect
2016Dr. Hina F. BhatWorkshop on research based pedagogical tools for teachers of undergraduate colleges, IISER, Pune.TrainingBritish Council of India, HRDG & IISER-Pune3 DaysSelect
2016Dr. Hina F. BhatContinuing medical education (CME)TrainingsSKIMS, Srinagar1 DaysSelect
2017Dr. Hina F. BhatIsolation and Molecular characterization of Pthogenic Anarobes from sheep.TrainingsDiv. of VMC, Shuhama, SKUAST-Kashmir.10 DaysSelect
2021Dr. Hina F BhatFaculty development program on “Entrepreneurship in livestock & veterinary sciences”TrainingsDST-India14 DaysSelect
2021Dr. Hina F BhatEpigenetics Boot camp: Planning and analyzing DNA Methylation studiesTrainingsNAHEP-IDP, SKUAST-Kahmir.7 DaysSelect
2022Dr. Hina F Bhatinternational Conference on Recent advances in Biomedical sciences and regenerative medicine (RABSRM)ConferenceDivision of ABT, F.V.Sc & A.H, SKUAST-K2 DaysSelect
2022Dr. Hina F BhatInternational Conference on CoronaVirus: Past, Present and Future.ConferenceDivision of ABT, F.V.Sc & A.H, SKUAST-K2 DaysSelect
2008Dr. S Mudasir AndrabiAdvances in Aquaculture TechnologiesTrainingsICAR-CIFE, Mumbai21 DaysSelect
2015Dr. S Mudasir AndrabiAdvance approaches in Genomics Bioinformatics and Animal cell culture TechnologyTrainingsDBT-Division of ABT, F.V.Sc & A.H, SKUAST-K21 DaysSelect
2016Dr. S Mudasir AndrabiComputational Tools and Techniques for Molecular Data Analysis in AgricultureTrainingsICAR-IASRI, Delhi21 DaysSelect