Aquatic Environmental Management


Key Area Of Research

Key Area Of ResearchScientist Incharge
Deteriorating water quality and eutrophication.Dr. Adnan Abubakr
Excessive growth of aquatic vegetation / invasive weedsDr. Adnan Abubakr
Occurrence of algal bloomsDr. Adnan Abubakr
Decline in aquatic bio-diversity and yield Dr. Adnan Abubakr
Changes in species richness and structure of biological communitiesDr. Adnan Abubakr
Control of pollution from point source (immediate catchment)Dr. Adnan Abubakr
Reducing biologically important nutrients (N & P) from aquatic ecosystemsDr. Adnan Abubakr
Water quality improvementDr. Adnan Abubakr
Enhancement of fish diversityDr. Adnan Abubakr