Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology

Key Area Of Research

Key Area Of ResearchScientist Incharge
Environmental Pharmacology: To study the pattern of Changes in drug response in relation to the rise of ambient temperature: an in vitro StudyDr A Shakoor Bhat, Dr Adil Mehraj
Indigenous Pharmacology: To identify and characterize the bioactive Principles of locally available herbsDr Azad Ahmad , Dr Syed Wasif Ahmad
Pharmacodynamic studies of therapeutic agents in normal and intoxicated animals. Dr A Shakoor Bhat, Dr Adil Mehraj Khan
To explore the Drug interactions for their clinical utility Dr A Shakoor Dr Azad Ahmad Ahanger
To explore the toxicity of pesticide combinations with special reference to their endocrine disrupting potential Dr Adil Mehraj Khan Dr Syed Wasif Ahmad