Veterinary Parasitology


Key Area Of Research

Key Area Of ResearchScientist Incharge
Epidemiological Studies on Parasites of Livestock in Kashmir ValleyProf. (Dr) R.A. Shahardar & Dr. Z.A.Wani
Evaluating efficacy of anti parasitic drugs and monitoring the development of resistance if anyDr. R.A.Shahardar, Dr. K.H.Bulbul & Dr. I. M. Allaie
Molecular studies on livestock parasitesDr. K.H.Bulbul, Dr. I. M. Allaie & Dr. Z.A.Wani
Development of alternative methods of control measures against livestock parasitesDr. R.A.Shahardar, Dr. K.H. Bulbul, Dr. I. M. Allaie & Dr. Z.A.Wani