Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics and Jurisprudence

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SpeakerTitleDateMore Info
M. ShaheenFailure of FMD vaccination under field conditionsThursday, January 27, 2022Select
M. ShaheenIndiscriminate use of drugs in livestock- A menace for human healthThursday, January 18, 2018Select
M. ShaheenWinter borne diseases in livestock and their prevention in Kashmir.Monday, December 27, 2021Select
M. ShaheenNeonatal diarrheaSunday, January 28, 2018Select
A.MuheeForeign body syndrome in cowsFriday, January 11, 2019Select
A.MuheeFat cow syndrome; Clinical management and preventionWednesday, January 10, 2018Select
M. ShaheenBovine mastitis; management, prevention and public health importanceTuesday, January 9, 2018Select
M. ShaheenRumen disorders of cattleFriday, January 10, 2020Select
M. ShaheenMilk fever; Clinical management and prophylaxisWednesday, January 3, 2018Select
H.U.MalikBovine ketosis; causes and clinical managementMonday, November 8, 2021Select
H.U.MalikDisease management of sheep during wintersMonday, July 5, 2021Select
A.MuheeImmunoprophylaxis of cattle and sheepSunday, May 2, 2021Select
S.U.Nabiliver fluke infestation and precautionary measures to control and treat disorder.Monday, October 7, 2019Select
S.U.Nabiemergence of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and their control.Monday, July 8, 2019Select