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Research Publications

TitleAuthorsNaas RatingMore Info
Modified Variance Estimation Using New linear Combination.S Maqbool and T A Raja5.38Select
.Alternative Ratio Estimators for Estimating Population Mean in Simple Random sampling using auxiliary information.S .Maqbool , Mir Subzar and Shakeel Javaid4.74Select
Winter management practices of sheep farms and socio-economic status of Kashmir Marino sheep breedersSafeer Alam, Jasvinder Kaur, Shafiqul Islam, Mubashir Ali Rather, Nusrat N Khan and S Shahnaz5.23Select
Socio-economic and management features of Purgi goat and their contribution in rural livelihood security. .Safeer Alam, Jasvinder Kaur, Mubashir Ali Rather, Syed Shanaz, Shabir Mir, Rukhsana Shah and Ambrin Hamdani5.23Select
Utility, Morphometrical characteristics of Assamese buffaloe and Socio-economic status of breeders in its home tract.Safeer Alam, Shafiqul Islam and Gurjeet Kaur6.09Select
On-farm husbandry practices and phenotypic characteristics of indigenous Assamese buffaloes of India.Shafiqul Islam, Safeer Alam and Amulya Kr. Gogoi6.09Select
Zoo-technical characteristics of Koshur goat: An unexplored goat genetic resource of Kashmir. .Mubashir A. Rathar, Safeer Alam, S Shanaz, Nusrat N Khan, Rukhsana Majid,Tavseif Ahmad and Ambrin Hamdan4.74Select
Purgi – An unidentified goat breed of Kargil.Safeer Alam, Gurjeet Kaur and Nazir Ahmad4.74Select
Genetic Polymorphism and Association of KAP 16.6 Gene with Pashmina Fiber Traits in Changthangi GoatsSyed Shanaz, Tasleem Ahmad, Shamas Ganai, S. F Ahmad, ishraq Hussain, Azmat Aalam Khan and Nazir Ahmad Ganai0.00Select
Exploring genetic diversity in cashmere goats of Ladakh for enhancing production.F.D. Sheikh, T.A.S. Ganai, A.M. Ganai, Safeer Alam, Sabiya Asmat7.00Select
Exon IV prolactin (PRL) gene polymorphism and its association with milk production traits in dairy cattle of Kashmir, India”,Ruksana M Shah, NA Ganai, FD Sheikh, S Shanaz, HM Khan, Safeer Alam, Nusrat N Khan, Tavsief Sheikh, Saba Bukhari, Ambreen Hamadani and Mubashir A Rather5.23Select
Effect of Inbreeding Coefficient on Growth and Fitness Traits in a Closed Flock of Corriedale SheepNusrat Nabi, Nazir Ahmad Ganai, Syed Shanaz, Safeer Aalam, Mir Shabir, Ruksana Majid, Saba Bukhari, Shakeel Ahmad Mir, Ambreen Hamadani, Mubashir Ali Rather6.35Select
Breed Effect and Effect of Non-Genetic Factors on Performance Traits of Wool Type Angora Rabbits in an Organized Farm of Kashmir.Nusrat Nabi Khan , A. Hamadani , Ajaz Dar , Mir Shabir , Saba Bukhari , Rukhsana Shah , Adil Ayaz and Mubashir Ali Rather5.23Select
Genetic evaluation of growth performance in Corriedale sheep in J&K, India.Nusrat Nabi Khan, N.A. Ganai , Safeer Alam , S. Shanaz , A. Hamadani , Mubashir A. Rather , S. Bukhari , R.M. Shah , H. Jalal, N. Wani.7.27Select
"Genetic polymorphism of four candidate genes in dairy cattle of Kashmir, India".Ruksana M. Shah, N. A. Ganai, F.D. Sheikh, H. M. Khan,S. Shanaz, Safeer Alam, Nusrat N. Khan, Ambreen Hamadani6.28Select
Effects of beta-lactoglobulin gene polymorphism and some factors on milk quality and yield in dairy cattle of Kashmir, India.Ruksana M. Shah, N. A. Ganai, F.D. Sheikh, H. M. Khan,S. Shanaz, Safeer Alam, Nusrat N. Khan, Mir Shabir, Saba Bukhari, Ambreen Hamadani, Mubashir A. Rather5.53Select
Growth Performance of Purgi Goats under Field Conditions in Kargil District (Ladakh)Safeer Alam, Mubashir Ali Rather, Nusrat Nabi, Gurjeet Kaur, S. Shanaz, Nazir Ahmad, Ruksana Shah, Tavsief Ahmad, Mir Shabir Ahmad, Ambreen Hamadani5.53Select
“Laboratory Manual on Molecular Genetics”Syed Shanaz, Ruksana Shah, Safeer Alam, Ambreen Hammadani and Sheikh Firdous1.00Select
Kashmir Merino-Pride of KashmirMubashir A. Rather, , Syed Shanaz, Safeer Alam Ruksana Shah, Nusrat nabi Khan and Ambreen Hammadani,1.00Select
Polymorphism study of growth differentia action factor 9B (GDF9B) gene and its association with reproductive traits in sheep. 2013Mir S A and M, Ganai T A, Misra SS, Shah Ruksana, Ahmad T.8.90Select
Characterization of KAP 1.4 gene in goatsRuksana M S, Ganai T A S, Sheikh F D , Shanaz S , Mir S, Khan H.M.8.90Select
Allelic polymorphism of KAP 1.3 gene in Pashmina goats in India.Ruksana Shah, T.A.S Ganai, S.Shanaz,Nusrat N, Saba B. and N.A.Ganai5.95Select
Genetic polymorphism of keratin intermediate filament-1 gene in Changthangi goats and its effect on fibre quality.S. Shanaz, T.A.S. Ganai, AadilAyaz, AzmatAalam, Mir Shabir, NusratNabi, Rukhsana Shah, NadeemShabeerand Nazir Ahmad Ganai5.95Select
Molecular characterization, polymorphism and association of Keratin-Associated Protein 13.1 (KAP13.1) gene in Changthangi goats.Syed Shanaz;Tasleem A.S. Ganai; Sheikh Firdous Ahmad; AzmatAalam Khan; NadeemShabir; Ruksana Shah; Shabir Mir; Nazir Ahmad Ganai6.83Select
Techniques for Estimation of Inbreeding Coefficient in Corriedale Sheep.NusratNabi, N.A. Ganai, S. Shanaz,SafeerAalam, SabaBukhari, Mir Shabir, RuksanaMajid, AmbreenHamdani, NajimaanaWani and Heena Jalal.5.23Select
Understanding fibre related genes and their association with fibre quality attributes in small ruminants – A reviewSyed Shanaz, TAS Ganai, Sheikh Firdous Ahmad, Feroz Din Sheikh, Saba B, AadilAyaz, Tavsief Sheikh, Mir Shabir, Ruksana Shah, IshraqHussain and ZaffarIqbal5.53Select
Molecular characterization of B-Lβ II. Family (class II MHC) alleles in three strains of poultry and its association with immune response.S.Shanaz, C.G.Joshi, M.K.Jhala, D.N.Rank, K.Khanna, V.N, Barot, B.P.Bhramkshitri, J.V.Solanki4.20Select
Growth Hormone Gene Polymorphism and its correlation with different traits in Bantam and white leghorn chicken.Shafi Shahnaz, Fatima Shadma, D.N.Rank, K.Khanna and C.G.Joshi4.20Select
Prevalence and the associated lesions of Cheilospirura (Acuaria) Hamulosa in the indigenous chicken of Kashmir Valley, India.S.T. Salam, M.S. Mir, S.Shahnaz and R. A. Khan7.50Select
Influence of Feeding processed Silk Worm Pupae Meal on the performance of Broiler Chicken.M.T. Banday, G.A. Bhat, S.Shanaz & Mukesh Bhakat5.02Select
Adoption of the managemental practices by commercial broiler farmers in Jammu and Kashmir. IJPS 45(2):196-201(NAAS Rating: 4.2)S. Shanaz, M.T.Banday, G.A. Bhat,A. Akhand and M. Raquib4.20Select
“Contribution Of farm women towards dairy enterprise in Ganderbal district of Kashmir valley”.A .Hai, A.H. Akand, S. Shanaz, and K.H. Bulbul4.20Select
Polymorphism of Exon -V of Prolactin gene and its association with Cashmere traits in Changthangi Pashmina Goats.S. Shanaz, T. A. S. Ganai, A. A. Khan, F. D. Sheikh, A. H. Sofi and S. T. Salaam6.17Select
Genetic polymorphism of keratin intermediate filament-1 gene changthangi goats and its effect on fibre quality attributes.S. Shanaz, T.A.S. Ganai, Aadil Ayaz , Azmat Aalam, Mir Shabir, Nusrat Nabi, Rukhsana Shah, Nadeem Shabeer and Nazir Ahmad Ganai5.25Select
IGF-1 polymorphism and its association with Cashmere fibrie trait in Changthangi goat.Syed Shanaz, Tasleem A.S. Ganai; Ishraq Hussain, Sheikh Firdous Ahmad; Feroz Din sheikh , Nadeem Shabir; ; Nusrat Nabi Nazir Ahmad Ganai8.90Select
Effect of oestrus synchronization on lambing in Corriedale ewes.Wani, G.M., Risam, K.S. and Nowshahri, M.A.6.52Select
Fabrication of Innovative Charkha for pashmina spinning and its Impact Assessment.Wani Sarfaraz A, Sofi, H. Asif; D.B.Shakyawar, Yaqoob Ishrat, Mattoo FA and Malik AH7.80Select
Wool Characteristics of Changthangi SheepAA Malik, HM Khan, AH Sofi, MS Mir, J Farooq, FD Sheikh, AQ Mir, M. Abdullah7.27Select
Kashmir Anz Geese BreedH Hamadani, AA Khan, MT Banday7.80Select
Effect of essential oils as replacement for antibiotic growth promoters in the diet on performance of broiler chicken.S. Adil, M.T. Banday, I.U. Sheikh, A. A. Khan, A Khurshid4.17Select
Routes adopted by Bakarwals during migration of Livestock and its constraintsNR Kirmani, M.T. Banday, A. wani, Z.A. Pampori, S. Adil4.55Select
Economics of milk production and profitability of different cow unit sizes in SrinagarH Hamadani, A A Khan, Shabir A Wani, H M Khan, M T Banday, Sarfaraz A Wani6.28Select
Carcass Characteristics of Broiler Chicken Fed Different Levels of Duckweed and Enzyme SupplementationB. Zaffer, I.U. Sheikh, M.T. Banday, S. Adil, H.A. Ahmed, A.S. Khan, U. Mirza, S.S. Nissa4.58Select
Effect of feed supplement fortified with herbal extracts on the performance of broiler chickenI.U. Sheikh, M.T. Banday, S. Adil, I.A. Baba, A.A. Khan, R.A. Patoo, A.A. Shah, M Untoo4.58Select
Occurrence of Capillariain local ducks of KashmirS.F.A. Bihaqi, G.A. Bhat, S.J. Bihaqi, I.M. Allaie, H. Hamadani4.17Select
Comparative Analysis of Performance Traits of Different Dairy Cattle Reared in the Srinagar City of J&KH Hamadani, AA Khan, MT Banday, HM Khan5.75Select
​Productive Performance and Economics of Broiler Chicken Fed Heat Treated Sheep Manure based Diets Supplemented with EnzymeI.U. Sheikh, M.T. Banday, A.A. Khan, S. Adil, I.A. Baba, H. Hamadani, R.A. Patoo, B. Zaffer, S.S. Nissa5.75Select
Effect of housing and nutritional interventions during winter on wool attributes of Corriedale sheepChishti, A.A., Khan, H.M., Pattoo, R.A. and Sofi, A.H.7.33Select
Organoids: A new approach in toxicity testing of nanotherapeutics.Nabi, S. U., Ali, S. I., Rather, M. A., Sheikh, W. M., Altaf, M., Singh, H., Mumtaz, P. T., Mishra, N. C., Nazir, S. U., & Bashir, S. M.9.44Select
Ameliorative effects of Cuscuta reflexa and Peucedanum grande on letrozole induced polycystic ovary syndrome in Wistar rats.Kausar, F., Rather, M. A., Bashir, S. M., Alsaffar, R. M., Nabi, S. U., Ali, S. I., Goswami, P., Ahmad, A., Rashid, S., & Wali, A. F.10.41Select
An update on emerging therapeutics to combat COVID-19.Shah, N. N., Nabi, S. U., Rather, M. A., Kalwar, Q., Ali, S. I., Sheikh, W. M., Ganai, A., & Bashir, S. M.8.48Select
Medicinal plants: Treasure for antiviral drug discovery.Ali, S. I., Sheikh, W. M., Rather, M. A., Venkatesalu, V., Muzamil Bashir, S., & Nabi, S. U.11.87Select
Biomatrix from goat-waste in sponge/gel/powder form for tissue engineering and synergistic effect of nanoceria.Singh, H., Purohit, S. D., Bhaskar, R., Yadav, I., Bhushan, S., Gupta, M. K., Gautam, S., Showkeen, M., & Mishra, N. C.10.39Select
Zingerone (4-(four-hydroxy-3-methylphenyl) butane-two-1) modulates adjuvant-induced rheumatoid arthritis by regulating inflammatory cytokines and antioxidants.Bashir, N., Ahmad, S. B., Rehman, M. U., Muzamil, S., Bhat, R. R., Mir, M., Shazly, G. A., Ibrahim, M. A., Elossaily, G. M., Sherif, A. Y., & Kazi, M.10.41Select
Investigations on cytokines and proteins in lactating cows with and without naturally occurring mastitis.Shaheen, T., Ahmad, S.B., Rehman, M.U., Muzamil, S., Bhat, R.R., Hussain, I., Bashir, N., Mir, M.R., Paray, B.H., &Dawood, M.A.10.01Select
Role of biometals in activation of immune cum inflammatory response in ovine ageing eye: a potential model for understanding human geriatric eye diseasesS. U. Nabi . A. Jan . S. Muzamil . R. Razaq . A. Muhee . T. Ashraf . S. Ahmad . D. M. Makhdoomi . N. Nazir Shah . Q. Syed8.47Select
Therapeutic effects of Nigella sativa on hormonal dysfunctionWani HA Wani JA, Tsagkaris C, Majid s, Ganie MA, Akhter R, Sheikh Bilal Ahmad, Ovais S, Khan MS7.58Select
Nutritional status of feeds and fodders fed to dairy cattle in South KashmirMA Bhat, AM Ganai, GG Sheikh, YA Beigh, Javid Farooq, S Nabi, HM Khan, BA Sheikh and Parvaiz Ahmed Reshi11.98Select
Prospective Clinical Study on the Occurrence of Ovine Urolithiasis in Kashmir Valley of IndiaHandoo N Firdous W, Parrah JD, Bilal S , Athar H, Dar MD6.48Select
Immunomodulation: An immune regulatory mechanism in carcinoma therapeuticsRana M Alsaffar, Shafat Ali, Summya Rashid, Shahzada Mudasir Rashid, Sabhiya Majid, Muneeb U Rehman10.93Select
Naringenin regulates doxorubicin-induced liver dysfunction: impact on oxidative stress and inflammationAdil Farooq Wali, Summya Rashid, Shahzada Mudasir Rashid, Mushtaq Ahmad Ansari, Mohammad Rashid Khan, Nazrul Haq, Dhafer Yahya Alhareth, Ajaz Ahmad, Muneeb U Rehman9.93Select
Vermicomposting: an eco-friendly approach for recycling/management of organic wastesAli Mohd Yatoo, Saiema Rasool, Shafat Ali, Sabhiya Majid, Muneeb U Rehman, Md Niamat Ali, Rafiqa Eachkoti, Shabhat Rasool, Shahzada Mudasir Rashid, Sanah Farooq6.00Select
Bio-Pesticides: Application and Possible Mechanism of ActionJavaid Ahmad Wani, Adil Farooq Wali, Sabhiya Majid, Saiema Rasool, Muneeb U Rehman, Shahzada Mudasir Rashid, Shafat Ali, Sanah Farooq, Shabhat Rasool, Ajaz Ahmad, Wajhul Qamar6.00Select