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Research Publications

TitleAuthorsNaas RatingMore Info
Disadvantaged nomadic tribes of Jammu and Kashmir in the frame of livelihood security through animal rearing.M. H. Wani, S. H. Baba, Naseer Hussain Bazaz, Bilal A. Zargar & Arshad Bhat6.00Select
Economic Appraisal of Water-Ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir: India,M. H. Wani, S.H. Baba & Arshad Bhat0.00Select
The landscape of agro-processing industry in Jammu & KashmirF. A Shaheen; S. A Wani, and S. S. Kubrevi5.90Select
An Overall Scenario of Pesticides Business Pattern in Kashmir: A Special Reference to Apple CropFarheen Naqash, S.A.Wani and Mansoor Hussain4.82Select
Assessment of farmers’ knowledge and awareness regarding pest control technologies in the apple growing belts of Kashmir valleyFarheen Naqash and S.A.Wani4.24Select
Economics of Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Apple in J&K stateFarheen Naqash, S.A.Wani and Naveed Hamid5.21Select
Aloevera Propagation and economic FeasibilityShreya Sen, Kusumakar Gautam and Sandeep Kumar Yadav5.21Select
Non-Performing Assets: Causes, Challenges and Maintenance in Banking IndustryS.K, Kirmani & O. F. Khan0.00Select
Economic Sustainability and Valuation of Agro-Systems of Kashmir Valley: Production Frontier ApproachShabeer A. Ganaie, M. H. Wani, S. H. Baba and Arshad Bhat4.18Select
Sustaining rice farming in Kashmir Valley: challenges and OpportunitiesF.A.Shaheen, S.A.Wani and G.A.Parray3.24Select
Cashmere producing small holder nomads of Himalayas: Survival challenges of a systemS. A Wani, F.A. Shaheen and M.H. Wani,9.00Select
Disadvantaged mountain farmers of Gurez Valley in Kashmir: Issues of Livelihood, Vulnerability , Externality and SustainabilityF.A. Shaheen, S.A. Wani, S.H. Baba and F. Naqash5.60Select
Externalities of pesticide application on apple in Kashmir Valley.S.H Baba, S.A. Mir, H.A. Malik and Y. Hamid5.90Select
Negative externalities in Kashmir Lake fisheries: Transformation in species patronage, use priority and policy.N.W Qureshi, M. Krishnan, S.A. Wani,5.60Select
Climate change in Kashmir valley: Is it initiating transformation of mountain agriculture?M. H. Wani, S. H. Baba, Naseer Hussain Bazaz and Huma Sehar4.82Select
Supply Response of Horticultural Crops: The Case of Apple and Pear in Jammu & KashmirM. H. Wani, Huma Sehar, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Anil Kuruvila and Ishfaq Hussain5.90Select
Market Integration and Price Forecasting of Apple in IndiaM. H. Wani, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Naseer H. Bazaz, and M. Manzoor5.60Select
Inter-sectoral Linkages in Jammu & Kashmir Economy¬-An Econometric AnalysisM. H. Wani, Naseer H. Bazaz, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Showkat A. Itoo and Arshad Bhat5.90Select
D-S Gaps, Utilization Pattern and Impact of Institutional Credit to Agriculture in Jammu & KashmirS. H. Baba, M. H. Wani, Bilal A. Zargar, Arshad Bhat4.82Select
Market Integration and Causality in Pear in India.M. H. Wani, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Naseer H. Bazaz and Arshad Bhat4.82Select
Imperative for Sustenance of Agricultural Economy in the Mountains: A Prototype from Jammu & KashmirS. H. Baba, M. H. Wani, A. Zargar and H. A. Malik5.90Select
Value Chains for Livestock Products in Himalayan Mountains: Studies from Jammu and KashmirWani, S. A., F. A. Shaheen, S. H. Baba, Naqash, Farheen; Manzoor, Muzaffer5.60Select
Imperatives for sustenance of agricultural economy in the mountains: A prototype from Jammu & KashmirBaba, S.H., Wani, M.H., Wani, S.A., Zargar, B.A. and Malik, H. A.5.90Select
Institutional credit to mountain agriculture: Issues of structural changes and impact in Jammu & Kashmir.Baba, S.H., Wani, M.H., Wani, S.A., Zargar, B.A. and Qammer, N.A5.90Select
Has adoption of Improved Rice Technology Enhanced Economics and Livelihood Security in Kashmir ValleyM. H. Wani, S. H. Baba, P. Rama Sundarum, Shoaib Yousuf, Shahid Yousuf4.70Select
Maize composites enhance economic returns from dry land farming: Evidences from uplands of Kashmir ValleyWani, M. H., S. H. Baba, P. Rama Sundaram, ShoaibYousuf and ShahidYousuf5.60Select
Fodder budgeting in Jammu & Kashmir: Status, issues and policy implications.Wani, S. A., F. A. Shaheen, M. H. Wani and S. A. Saraf6.00Select
Pesticide Delivery System in Apple Growing Belt of Kashmir Valley.Baba, S. H., M.H. Wani, Bilal A. Zargar, S.A. Wani and S.S. Kubrevi5.90Select
Marketable Surplus and Supply Chain of Apricot in Cold-arid Ladakh (J&K).S. H. Baba, M. H. Wani, H. A. Malik, Zargar, B. A and Mir, S. A3.00Select
Maize composites Enhance Economic Return from dry Land Framing: Evidences from Uplands of Kashmir ValleyWani, M. H., S. H. Baba, P. Rama Sundarum, Shoaib Yousuf, Shahid Yousuf5.60Select
Agricultural Research and Extension in India: Achievements, Failures and Directions for futureWani M. H.5.60Select
Pesticide Delivery System in Apple Growing Belt of Kashmir ValleyBaba, S. H., M. H. Wani, Bilal. A. Zargar, S. A. Wani and S.S Kubrevi4.70Select
Food and Nutritional Security in the Frame of Crop Diversification in the temperate region of Jammu and KashmirM. H. Wani, S. H. Baba, M. Hussain, Shahid Yousuf, S. A. Mir and S. S. Kubrevi5.60Select
Feed and Fodder budgeting in Jammu and Kashmir: status, issues and policy implications for sustainable livestock developmentWani, S. A. and Shaheen, F. A.4.70Select
Scarcity of Agricultural Labour in Cold-Arid Ladakh: Extent, Implications, Backward Bending and Coping MechanismS. H. Baba, Wani, M. H, Shaheen, F. A and B. A. Zargar4.70Select
Economics of production and marketing of apple in Himachal Pradesh and J&K.A. Rauf, Saraf. S. A and Wani S. A3.00Select
Artificial glacier technology in light of climate change: An innovation in irrigation water management in cold arid desert of Ladakh, IndiaShaheen, F. A; Wani, M.H; C. Norphel and Wani, S. A.6.00Select
Economics of crop production by smallholder in various agro climatic zones of J&K.Wani, S.A, Shaheen. F.A3.00Select
Pashmina goat of cold-arid Western Himalaya: Status, Issues and StrategiesWani, S. A., Wani M. H. And Shaheen, F. A.4.70Select
Dynamics and sustainability of Livestock in Jammu and KashmirBaba S.H., Wani, M. H. and B. A. Zargar4.70Select
Scarcity of Agricultural Labour in Cold-Arid Ladakh: Extent, Implications, Backward Bending and Coping MechanismS. H. Baba, M. H. Wani, F. A. Shaheen, Bilal A. Zargar and S.S. Kubrevi4.70Select
Hill Agriculture in India: Problems and Prospects of Mountain AgricultureWani M. H.5.60Select
Marketing of milk in various Agro-climatic zones of J& K.Wani, S.A. and Wani, M.H.4.70Select
Land based economy of cold arid Ladakh.Wani, S.A, Mir, M.S4.60Select
Economics of milk production by small holder across agro climatic zones of J&K.Wani, S. A, Matto. F.A, Huma Sehar, Rehana Rasool4.80Select
Analysis of existing marketing arrangements of vegetables in Kashmir Valley.Baba, S.H, Wani, M.H, Wani, S.A4.70Select
Sustainable Hill Agricultural Practices through Watershed Development Programs and Their impact in Himalayan StatesF. A. Shaheen, M. H. Wani and S. H. Baba4.60Select
Analysis of existing marketing arrangements of vegetables in Kashmir valleyBaba, S. H., Wani, M. H. and Wani, S.A.4.70Select
Land use dynamics in Jammu and Kashmir.Wani M. H., S.H. Baba and Shahid Yousuf4.70Select
Livestock husbandry practices in various agro-climatic zones of Jammu and Kashmir.Wani S. A., Mattoo F. A. and F. A. Shaheen4.80Select
Economics of pashmina based trans-humance Production system in cold Arid region of Jammu and Kashmir.Wani S.A, Wani M.H and Shoaib Yusuf4.60Select
Constraints in rearing Changthangi goats in cold arid region of J&K.Wani, S. A, Wani, M.H, Shoaib Yusuf4.30Select
Market economy of Apple in Jammu and KashmirM. H. Wani, S. H. Baba, and Shoaib Yusuf3.10Select
Marketing and value addition of pashmina in cold arid HimalayasWani S.A., Wani, M.H., Shoiab Yousuf, S. H. Baba and Iffat Mushtaq3.10Select
Pastoral nomadism in breeding tract of changthangi pashmina goats.Wani S.A., Wani, M.H., Shoaib Yusuf4.30Select
Economics of pashmina Production under pastoralist. nomadic system of management on cold arid region of Ladakh.Wani S.A., Wani, M.H.0.00Select
Energy costs and groundwater withdrawals: results from an optimal control model for North GujaratF. A. Shaheen and R. L. Shiyani4.60Select
Population dynamics and production traits of Changthangi goats in LadakhWani S.A, Wani M.H, Wani, G. M, Gall,C,Geldermann4.30Select
Employment pattern of small fisherman in Wullar lake.Wani,M.H., Balkhi, M. H, Wani S.A & Mattoo, M. S4.70Select
Break even analysis of milk production in crossbred cows in KashmirWani, M. H. and Wani S.A1.90Select
Economic viability of Pashmina goat production in Ladakh, the cold arid zone of J&KWani M.H, Wani S.A., Wani G.M, Gall, C.F, and Geldermann H.3.60Select
Fertilizer use efficiency and concentration of net returns in apple orchards of KashmirWani, M. H., Bhat, A.R., Mir, N.A. and Wani, S. A.4.00Select
Pesticide application- a production function approach in apple orchards of KashmirWani, M. H., Singh, K., Bhat, A.R. and Wani, W.M.0.00Select
Economic efficiency of conventional and refrigerated transport systems in cherry.Wani, M. H., Bhat, A. R., Mir, M. A.0.00Select
Resource use and economic efficiency of various marketing cost components in apple.Wani, M. H., Matoo, M.S. and Sofa, A.A.3.10Select
Economic viability of apple orchards in KashmirWani, M. H., Mir, N. A. and Bhat, A.R.3.00Select
Economic analysis of different age orchards in appleWani, M. H. and Wani S.A3.00Select
Economic Evaluation of crossbred dairy units in KashmirWani S.A. and Singh C.B3.40Select
Resources use efficiency and factor productivity in apple.Wani, M. H., Singh, R.I., Bhat, A.R. and Mir, N.A.4.70Select
Resource Productivity and allocation in dairy farming with different breeds of cows in temperate regions of KashmirWani S.A. and Singh C.B3.40Select
Relative efficiency of different channels of milk marketing in Kashmir ValleyWani S.A. and Mathur3.00Select
A comparative economics of bullock and tractor operated farms in Punjab.Wani, M. H. and Gill, S.S.3.00Select
Enhancing vegetative growth through fertigation and nutrient spray for early flowering in some genotypes of gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus).Rahat Ashraf, Nazki, I.T., Masoodi, N.H., Mir, S.A., Bhat, S.A., Raja Adil Usman, Aqiba Qureshi, Madinat-UL-Nisa, TanzeelaYaseen and Junaid Ayaz5.03Select
Impact of differential methods and time of pinching on vegetative characteristics of cut carnation (Diantus caryophyllus L.) under Kashmir conditionsMadinat-ul-Nisa, Nazki, I.T., Malik, K.M., Khan, F. A., Mir, S.A., Imtiyaz Murtaza, Sofi, M. A., Divya Slathia and Rahat Ashraf Wani.4.54Select
Impact of growth regulators on chipping of daffodil cv. Bean vite.Masoodi. N.H., Nayeem, S.M., Siddique, M. A. A. and Fahmeeda, S.4.82Select
Effect of biofertilizers with reduced levels of nitrogen and phosphorous on growth, flowering and bulb production in Asiatic Lilium cv. Royal TrinityMalik, K. M., Nazki, I. T. and Wani, A. H.4.38Select
Photosynthate partitioning and plant senescence in Tulip ( Tulipa gesneriana ) influenced by foliar application of nutrients under different environmental conditionsGhazannfar Ghani, Rather, Z.A., Nazki, I. T., Khan, F. A., Mir, S.A., Parveen, K. and Lone, R. A.4.54Select
Effect of nutrient sprays and planting depth on growth and bulb production of TulipsGhazannfar Ghani, Lone, R.A., Rather, Z. A., Nazki, I. T. and Muneeb Wani4.69Select
Influence of Various Treatments on Pre and Post Germination Properties of Callistephus chinensis (L) NEES Cv. PowderpuffMuneeb Ahmad Wani, Khan, F. U., Imtiyaz Tahir Nazki, Ambreena Din, Shameen Iqbal and Qadri, Z. A6.21Select
Impact of foliar nutrient sprays, crop and spatial manipulation on seed yield of Callistephus chinensis (L.) NEESMuneeb Ahmad Wani, Ambreena Din, Khan, F.U., Raiz Ahmad Lone, Gazanfer Gani, Shameen Iqbal and Imtiyaz Tahir Nazki6.21Select
Extricating the Impacts of Tactics of Nitrogen Source on the Growth & Development of Lilium CultivarsMuneeb Ahmad Wani, Imtiyaz Tahir Nazki, Reyaz Ahmad Bhat, Rahat Ashraf, Sajid Ali Malik, Ambreena Din and Zahoor Ahmad Bhat.5.32Select
Study of Phenology of Woody Flora of Gulmarg and Its Neighbourhood for Landscape UseAzfar Bashir Nanda, Nelofar and Raiz Ahmed Lone4.44Select
Study of Phenology of Woody Flora of Gulmarg and Its Neighbourhood for Landscape UseAzfar Bashir Nanda, Nelofar and Raiz Ahmed Lone4.44Select
Standardization of growing media for lilium cv.Pollyana.Bhat, Z.A., Muneeb Ahmed Wani, Burhan Hamid, Reyaz Ahmed Bhat, Nazki, I.T. and Neelofar2028.00Select
Effect of Different Combinations of NPK and Biofertilizers on Zinnia (Zinnia elegans J.).Divya Slathia1, Khan , F. U., Masoodi , N. H., Khan, F. A. Wani, J. A., Umar Iqbal , Neelofar , Madinat-Ul-Nisa and Tanzeela5.38Select
No-Till Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill in Wheat Crop Production after Paddy HarvestingDixit, J.; Gupta, RSR, Behl V.P.6.15Select
Development and Performance Evaluation of a Test Rig for Mechanical Metering of Sunflower Seeds.Singh, Sukhbir, Sharma, D. N., Dixit, Jagvir and Vatsa, D.K6.15Select
Potential of Farm Mechanization in Jammu and Kashmir State of India-a ReviewDixit, Jagvir et al.6.15Select
Performance of CIAE animal drawn puddler in Kashmir valleyDixit, Jagvir5.59Select
Performance of lightweight rotary tiller for different agricultural operationsDixit, Jagvir5.59Select
Field Evaluation of Power Weeder for Rain-fed Crops in Kashmir ValleyDixit, Jagvir and Intikhab Syed6.15Select
Improved Cost Effective Implements for Small Rice FarmersDixit, Jagvir and J. N. Khan6.15Select
Small Scale on farm mechanization in walnut cultivationKhan J. N., Dixit J. and Shahi N.C.6.15Select
Farm Mechanization Status for Major Cereal and Horticultural crops in Kashmir and future strategiesDixit, Jagvir, Khan, J.N. and Shukla, R.M.6.15Select
Field performance and evaluation of manual paddy transplanter in Kashmir ValleyDixit, Jagvir6.15Select
Mechanization Possibilities of Maize Cultivation in Hilly Regions of Jammu and Kashmir State of IndiaDixit, Jagvir, Khan, J.N. and Shukla, R.M6.15Select
Comparative Field Evaluation of Self -Propelled Paddy Transplanter with Hand Transplanting in valley lands of Kashmir RegionDixit, Jagvir and Khan, J.N6.15Select
Resource potential and scope of utilization of renewable energy in Jammu and Kashmir, India.Lohan S.K, Dixit Jagvir, Modasir S and Ishaq M.8.99Select
Anthropometry of Farm Workers of Kashmir Region of India for Equipment DesignDixit Jagvir and Namgial D5.59Select
Design, Development and Performance Evaluation of a Foot Operated Maize Cob ShellerDixit Jagvir, Lohan S K, Parray, R A and Malla, M A6.15Select
Development and evaluation of nitrogen (liquid Urea) applicator for straw mulched no-till wheatSingh Jagvir, Mahal J.S, Manes G.S and Singh M.0.00Select
Anthropometric survey of farm workers of Ladakh region of India and its application in equipment designDixit J., D. Namgial, S. Sharma, S. K. Lohan, and D. Kumar.0.00Select
Point Injected Nitrogen Application in Rice Residue Mulched Wheat: An Innovative Technology for Enhancing Productivity and Nitrogen UptakeSingh Jagvir, Mahal J.S. , Manes G.S. and Kahlon M.S6.00Select
Present status, potential and future needs for mechanization of agricultural operations in Jammu and Kashmir state of IndiaDixit, J., S. Sharma, and M. Ali.0.00Select
Biogas: A boon for sustainable energy development in India's cold climateLohan, S.K, Dixit, Jagvir, Kumar, R, Pandey, Y., Khan, J.N. , Ishaq M., Modasir S. and Kumar D.11.63Select
Development and standardization of nitrogen (liquid urea) application metering mechanism for point injection nitrogen applicatorDixit, J., Mahal J.S, Manes, G.S. and Singh M.4.28Select
Self propelled spoke wheel nitrogen applicator for rice residue mulched wheat cropDixit Jagvir and Mahal J.S.4.28Select
Design of Nitrogen (Liquid Urea) Metering Mechanism for Point Injection in Straw Mulched FieldsDixit, J., Mahal J.S, Manes, G.S.6.15Select
Development of Motorized Walnut DehullerMudasir Ali, Jagvir Dixit and LohanS.K.5.59Select
Study of Ownership Pattern of Tractor Implement Systems at Farm Level in Selected Regions of Kashmir Valley (Jammu and Kashmir)Saqib Parvaze Allaie, Jagvir Dixit, Sabah Parvaze, R M Shukla, Junaid Nazir Khan and Latief Ahmad4.54Select
Development and Evaluation of A Single Row Manual Vegetable TransplanterDixit Jagvir, Vinay Kumar and Mudasir Ali.5.30Select
The evolution of agricultural drainage from the earliest times to the presentValipour, M., Krasilnikof, J., Yannopoulos, S., Kumar, R., Deng J., Roccaro, P., Mays, L., Grismer M. E., Angelakis A. N.8.08Select
Hydrological classification and performance of Himalayan springs in climate change scenario - A case study.Rathi, V. K., Ram, S., Kumar, R., Agarwal, A., and Nema, R. K6.92Select
Evolution of Water Wells Focusing on Balkan and Asian Civilizations.Konstantinos Voudouris, Mohammad Valipour, Asimina Kaiafa, Xiaο Yun Zheng, Rohitashw Kumar, Katharina Zanier, Elpida Kolokytha, and Andreas Angelakis6.92Select
Moisture dynamics and irrigation modelling in apple trees using CROPWAT model in temperate region of IndiaKumar, R., Nissa, R., Kumar, M.0.00Select
Simulation of Modeling of Water Eco-hydrologic Dynamics in Multi-layer Root Zone under Protected Conditions of Temperate Region, India- A Case StudyBashir, T., Kumar, R0.00Select
Evaluation of Reference Evapotranspiration Models Using Single Crop Coefficient Method and Lysimeter Data. IndianKumar, R., Kumar, M.0.00Select
Efficient design of drip irrigation system using water and fertilizer application uniformity in different operating pressures at semi-arid region of India.Kumar, M., Kumar, R., Rajput, T. B. S., Patel, N.0.00Select
Influence of different growth conditions on earliness, yield and quality of strawberry production in South Kashmir. IndianKumar, A., Kumar, R., Ahad, I., Ali, A.0.00Select
Water and nitrate dynamics in baby corn (Zea mays L.) under different fertigation frequencies and operating pressures in semi-arid region of India.Kumar, M., Rajput, T. B. S., Kumar, R., Patel, N.0.00Select
Simulation of mulch and no mulch conditions for various soil matric potential thresholds for drip fertigated guava (Psidium guajava L.) in the semi-arid region of northwest India.Khan, J.N., Jain, N.K., Singh, V.P., Kumar, R., Sharda, R., and Siag, M.0.00Select
Catchment delineation and morphometric analysis using geographical information system.Kumar, M., Kumar, R., Singh, P.K., Singh, M., Yadav, K. K. and Mittal, H. K.0.00Select
Ecohydrological modeling of irrigation scheduling of maize using time series analysis in the temperate region of Kashmir valley, India. Journal of WaterKumar, R., Farooq, Z., Nabi, S. and Jhajharia, D.,0.00Select
Biogas: A boon for sustainable energy development in India's cold climate.Lohan, S. K., Dixit, J., Kumar, R., Pandey, Y., Khan, J., Ishaq , M., Modasir S., Kumar, D.0.00Select
Effect of El Nino on south-west rainfall and agriculture in India.Gautam, H.R., Sharma, H. L., Kumar, R., Bhardwaj, M.L.0.00Select