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Research Publications

TitleAuthorsNaas RatingMore Info
Low productivity of fruits, its implications and combating strategies in cold arid eco-region of Ladakh (J&K).Rehman, M.U.; Hussain, B.; Mir, M.M.; Angmo, T.; Parray, E.; and Zubair, M.5.32Select
Influence of phosphorous and potassium nutrition on growth, yield and fruit quality of Gala Mast appleIqra Fayaz, Umar Iqbal , Amit Kumar, M. Maqbool Mir, Irfan Bisati and M. H. Chesti6.16Select
Microgreens: Production, shelf life and bioactive components.Mir, S. A; Shah, M. A and Mir, M. M.11.49Select
Effect of 1-napthalene acetic acid and calcium chloride on preharvest drop and quality of ‘Red Delicious’ apples.Rehman, M. U; Rather, G. H; Gull, Y; Mir, M. M and Umar, I.6.73Select
Characterization of Fig (Ficus carica L.) Germplasm in central Kashmir of North Western Himalayan Region.Mir, M. M; Kumar, A; Umar, I; Mir, S. A; Rehman, M. U; Banday, S. A; Rather, G. H and Fayaz, S.5.12Select
Growth habit , foliage and fruit characteristics of different olive cultivars grown in under mid hills of Jammu& Kashmir.Kumar, A; Magotra, V; Sharma, M. K; Khan, F. A; Mir, M. M and Umar, I.5.12Select
Impact of soil management techniques on ecological integrity and sustainability of Apple growing in Kashmir valley.Rehman, M.U; Bhat, B.H.; Umar,I.; Tak, Z.A. and Shujat, S.5.32Select
Performance of olive cultivars under mid hill region of Jammu and Kashmir.Kumar, A., V. Magotra, M.K. Sharma, A.S. Sundouri and A. Ali.6.11Select
Standardization of grafting method and time in kiwifruit under temperate conditions of Kashmir.Ashraf, S., N. Nazir, M.K. Sharma, K. Bhat, S. Ahad, M. Hamid and S. Mumtaz.5.31Select
Studies on exogenous application of plant growth regulators on storage changes in kiwifruit cv. Hayward.Nazir, N., M.K. Sharma, A. Khalil, S. Nisar, K. Javeed and I. Majid.5.31Select
Response of rootstock planting, scion type and time of grafting on grafting success and subsequent growth of walnut plants.Bhat, Rifat, S. Kosser, M.K. Sharma and S. Hussain.5.32Select
Effect of fertilizers and micronutrients on physic-chemical aspects and economics of grapes cv. Sahebi.Khalil, A., M. K. Sharma, N. Nazir and Amit Kumar.5.38Select
Introgression of Scab Resistance Gene Vf (Rvi6) in commercially grown Susceptible Cultivar Fuji Azitec of apple (Malus domestica) using Marker Assisted Selection.MA Sheikh, K Mushtaq, JI Mir, M Amin and SU Nabi.5.00Select
Allelic diversity in apple germplasm for fruit quality and scab resistance using SSR markers.Rasool, A., Bhat, K.M., Rehman, H.U., Mir, M.A., Zaffar, S., Aarifa, J., Pandit, A.H. and Ahmad, Z0.00Select
Performance of exotic apple varieties grafted on M9T337 clonal rootstock under high density plantation.Mushtaq,R., Pandit, A.H., Raja, R.H.S., Mir, M.A., Sharma, M.K., Bhat, R. And Baba, J.6.16Select
Variability in pomological traits of Plum (Prunus spp.) germplasm of Kashmir valley.Bhat, K.M., Rehman, H.U., Pandit, A.H., Mir, M.A. and Hassan, S.0.00Select
Evaluation of traditional and exotic Sweet Cherry cultivars for horticultural and physico chemical traits under North Western HimalayasKM Bhat, WM Wani, A Jan, SN Kirmani, MA Mir and AH Pandith.5.21Select
Heritability and correlation studies in wild apple geno-types from different locations in Kashmir Valley.KM Bhat, S Hassan, HU Rehman, MA Mir and AH Pandith.4.29Select
Allelic Diversity in Apple Germplasm for Fruit Quality and Scab Resistance Using SSR MarkersAtifa Rasool , K. M. Bhat , H. U. Rehman , M. A. Mir , Shafia Zaffar , Arifa Jan , Ashiq Pandit and Z. A. Dar0.00Select
Genetic variability in physico-chemical and morphological traits among sandy pear (Pyrus pyrifolia nakai.) genotypes in North-Western Himalaya.A Jan, WM Wani, KM Bhat, MA Mir, AB Shikari, R Javid, D Bashir5.07Select
Effect of bud load and fertilizer application on growth, yield and quality of Sahebi grape.Khalil, A., Sharma, M. K., Nazir, N. and Sundouri, A. S.6.16Select
Performance of exotic strawberry cultivars under temperate conditions of North Western Himalayas.Ahmed, M., Banday, F. A., Bhat, M. Y., Dar, M. A., Khalil, A. and Nazir, N.6.16Select
Effect of exogenous application of plant growth regulators on vine growth yield and quality attributes in kiwifruit cv. Hayward.Nazir, N., Sharma, M. K. and Khalil, A.6.16Select
Floral biology of some European and Japanese plum cultivars for phonological properties grown under temperate conditions of Kashmir.Majid, I., Khalil, A., Din, S., Nazir, N., Khan, F. A. Nisar, F.6.16Select
Efficacy of ascorbic acid, citric acid, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, and 4-hexylresorcinol as inhibitors of enzymatic browning in osmo-dehydrated fresh cut kiwis.Bhat, T. A., Rather, A. H., Hussain, S. Z., Naseer, B., Qadri, T. and Nazir, N.8.59Select
Influence of pollen source, complimentary pollination and micro-nutrients on productivity of kiwifruit cv. Hayward.Nazir, N., Mushtaq, R., Sharma, M. K., and Khalil, A.6.16Select
Evaluation of morphological and physic-chemical characteristics of some exotic cultivars of appleHassan, Asma, F.A. Banday, Sheikh Mehraj, I.A. bisati, M.Y. Bhat, M.K. Sharma and Gousia Hussain5.02Select
Effect of paclobutrazol and summer pruning on yield and fruit quality of apple cv. Red Delicious.Ashraf, Naira, M.Y. Bhat, M.K. Sharma, G.H. Rather, Moeieza Ashraf, M.A. Dar and Rifat Ara4.35Select
Influence of paclobutrazol and summer pruning on growth and vigour of apple cv. Red deliciousAshraf, Naira, M.Y. Bhat, M.K. Sharma and Moeieza Ashraf6.00Select
Characterization of Newly Introduced Exotic Plum Cultivars for Character Association and Genetic Improvement.Sundouri, A.S., S.K. Verma, M.K., Sharma, A. Kumar, N. Nazir, N. and A. Khalil5.32Select
Influence of exogenous application of plant growth regulators on growth, fruit numbers and leaf and nutrient status of kiwifruit cv. HaywardNazir, Nowsheen, M.K. Sharma, Aroosa Khalil and Rifat Bhat5.26Select
Combined influence of bud load and micronutrients on physic-chemical traits of grape cv. SahebiKhalil, Aroosa, N. Nazir, M.K. Sharma, Rifat Bhat, Kousar Javaid and Sabiha Ashraf5.32Select
Impact of fertilizer and micronutrients levels on growth, yield and quality of grape cv. SahebiKhalil, Aroosa, M.K. Sharma, Nowsheen Nazir, Rifat Bhat, A.S. Sundouri, Saba Banday and Kousar Javaid5.32Select
Effect of orchard floor management practices on nutrient status in apple cv. Royal Delicious.Hussain, Shabber, M.K. Sharma, D. Bashir, P. Tundup, S.A. Bangroo and A. Kumar5.38Select
Evaluation of two exotic apple varieties on M9T33 for growth and quality attributes under Kashmir conditions.Mushtaq, Rafiya, A.H. Pandit, Mohammad Tauseef Ali, Kousar Javaid, M.K. Sharma,Amarjeet Singh and Danish Bashir5.38Select
Varietal characteristics of exotic plum cultivars under changing climate scenario of north western Himalayas.Sundouri, A.S., S.K. Verma, M.K. Sharma, S.A. Simnani, Aroosa Khalil, Nowsheen Nazir and Rafiya Mushtaq.5.38Select
Phenological features of four exotic apple cultivars on M9TT3 rootstock under high density plantation in north Himalayan region of India.Mushtaq, Rafiya, A. Pandit, M.T. Ali, R.H.S. Raja, M.K. Sharma, N. Nazir and Aroosa Khalil5.32Select
Cherry cv. Bigarreau Noir Grossa (Misri) production as influenced by different intercrops.Bhat, Rifat, W.M. Wani, S. Hussain, M. Akhter, M.K. Sharma, N. Nazir, A. Khalil, S. Kumar and Y.A. Basu5.26Select
Effect of intercrops on apple production cv. Red Delicious.Bhat, Rifat, S. Hussain, M. Akhter, M.K. Sharma, N. Nazir, A. Khalil, S.A. Bangroo and A.R. Malik.5.38Select
Influence of rootstocks on plant volume, root growth, biomass, water relations and leaf nutrient status of almond cv. Non Pareil under different soil moisture regimes.Sharma, M.K.5.38Select
Performance of exotic strawberry varieties under temperate conditions of north-western Himalayas.Ahmad, M., F.A. Banday, M.Y. Bhat, M.K. Sharma, M.A. Dar, A. Khalil and N. Nazir.6.15Select
Fruit physico-chemical characteristics of some Chinese sandy pear selections.Sharma, M.K., K.M. Bhat, M.A. Mir and Amit Kumar5.21Select
Production potential of some cape gooseberry selections.Sharma, M.K., N. Nazir, E.A. Parray and A.S. Sundouri5.21Select
Screening of cape gooseberry selections based on growth characteristics and fruit yield.Sharma, M.K., N. Nazir, R. Bhat, A.S. Sundouri, Aroosa Khalil and E.A. Parray5.21Select
Performance of exotic apple varieties grafted on M9T337 clonal rootstock under high density plantation.Mushtaq, Rafiya, Ashiq Pandit, R.H.S. Raja, M.A. Mir, M.K. Sharma, Rifat Bhat and J.A. Baba6.11Select
Crop water requirement estimation using pan evaporimeter for high density apple plantation system in Kashmir region of India.Mushtaq, Rafiya, M.K. Sharma, Latief Ahmad, B. Krishna, Khalid Mushtaq and J.I. Mir6.64Select
Response of rootstock planting, scion type and time of grafting on grafting success and subsequent growth of walnut plants.Bhat, Rifat, Kosser, S., Sharma, M.K. and Hussain, S.5.32Select
Efficacy of foliar nutrient sprays on vegetative traits of sweet cherry cv. Regina under high density plantation.Parray, Ejaz A., M. K. Sharma , K. M. Bhat , A. R. Malik , F.A. Khan , M. A. Bhat and J. I. A. Bhat5.11Select
Characteristics of resistant starch in water chestnut flour as improved by pre-conditioning processSyed Zameer Hussain, M. Beigh, Bazila7.40Select
Color values of whole walnuts effected by packagings and temperature.Tehmeena Ahad, Jasia Nissar, Dr. A. H. Rather, Lubna Masoodi, Seyed Zameer Hussain and H.R.Naik5.03Select
Lipid deterioration during storage of almond kernels (Shalimar var.),Lubna Masoodi, Nazia Nissar, Tehmeena Ahad, Awsi Jan, Jasia Nissar, A. H. Rather, S.A.Mir, Aashiq Pandit, H. R. Naik and SZ Hussain0.00Select
Anti-radical activity of different parts of walnut. InternationalTehmeena Ahad, Jasia Nissar and Dr. A. H. Rather0.00Select
Evaluation of functional properties and nutrient composition of blend formulated from Soyabean, walnut and Ginger.Tehmeena Ahad, Jasia Nissar and A. H. Rather5.31Select
Agri-preneurial avenues for women micro entrepreneurship development in Kashmir ValleyPoonam Sharma and Monica Reshi1.57Select
Storage studies on potato products of Jammu region influenced by packaging and chemical treatmentsMonica Reshi, Munazah Mehraj, Divya Slathia and Fouzia Shafi4.75Select
Processed potato products of Jammu region influenced by chemicals and polyethylene packaging on storage qualitiesMonica Reshi, Rukhsana Jan, Munazah Mehraj and Divya Salathia4.75Select
Enhancing storage and safety stability of low gluten cake incorporated with FagropyrumesculentumQuraazah. A, Amin, Towseef, Wani, A.., Hafiza.,Ahsan, Harleen Kour and Nuzhat Quadir.4.56Select
Effect of storage period on total phenolic content, ascorbic acid and tirable acidity of flour blends made from Himalayan variety of wheat, oat and mushroom flour packed in metalized polyester.Nazia Nissar, N.A.Qazi, A.H.Rather, H.R.Naik, Syed Zameer Hussain, Lubna Masoodi, Khushnuma Maqbool, Fauzia Shjafi and Monica Reshi.4.75Select
Effect of storage studies on chemical composition of osmo-dried pear slicesRehana Salim, Fiza Nazir, AH Rather, Monika Reshi, Syed Zameer Hussain and HR Naik.4.75Select
Potassium isotherm partitioning based on modified quantity/intensity relation and potassium buffering characterization of soils of North India.Bangroo, S.A., N. A. Kirmani, Mohammad A. Bhat, Javaid A. Wani, Asif M. Iqbal, Zahoor A. Dar, Syed Sheraz Mahdi and Ajaz A. Malik8.06Select
Mapping of Soil Micronutrients in Kashmir Agricultural Landscape Using Ordinary Kriging and Indicator Approach.Mushtaq A. Wani, J. A. Wani, M. A. Bhat, N. A. Kirmani, Zahid M. Wani and Shaista Nazir Bhat6.70Select
Response of fodder oats (Avena sativa C) to showing dates, fertility levels and cutting management.cropAalum Intikhab, Jehangir;Rasool, Faisul –ur;Khan,H.A,Mubarak,T; Ali, Tahir and Bangroo,S.A4.54Select
Carbon and greenhouse gas mitigation through soil carbon sequestration of adaptive agriculture and agroforestry.Bangroo S., Ali Tahir. Mehdi S.S., Najar G.R. and Sofi J.A6.28Select
Evaluation of domestic sludge as a nutritional source for maize (Zea mays L.) under Kashmir temperate conditions.Bhat Mohammad Auyoub, J.A. Wani, M.A. Wani, N.A. Kirmani and M.A. Malik.4.35Select
Nutritional Yield and Economic Responses of Sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) To Integrated Levels of Nitrogen, Sulphur and Farmyard ManureFaisul-Ur-Rasool,Badrul Hasan,I.A.Jahangir, Ali Tahir and T. Mubarak4.54Select
Effect of Integrated nutrient management in saffron.Sofi, J.A., Nayar A. Kirmani, V.K.Sharma, S.Ansar-ul-Haq and M.H.Chesti.6.60Select
Potential use of Azotobacter chroococcum in crop productionWani S. A., Subhash Chand . and Ali Tahir.4.36Select
Organic Farming: As a climate change adaption and mitigation strategy.Wani S. A., Chand S., Najar G.R and Teli M. A.4.36Select
Evaluation of digested sludge as an amendment to chromium and lead contaminated gangetic alluvial soils of India.Mohammad Auyoub Bhat and H P Agrawal6.60Select
Evaluation of apricot cultivars based on physico-chemical characteristics observed under temperate conditions.M. Y. Bhat, Bilal A. Padder, Imtiyaz A. Wani, F. A. Banday, Hafiza Ahsan, M. A. Dar and Abid A. Lone6.60Select
Characterization and Classification of Alfisols under Lesser Himalayan Temperate Region.Kirmani, N. A., Mushtaq A. Wani and J. A. Sofi.2.51Select
Transformation of zinc and iron in submerged rice soils of Kashmir.–16.Wani, Mushtaq A, M A Bhat, N A Kirmani and Shaista Nazir.6.60Select
Secondary nutrient status in pear orchard soils of Kashmir at different altitudesDar M.A., Wani J.A.,Bangroo S.A.,Monisa Aslam,Dar Mushtaq A. and Bhat M.Y.4.54Select
Effect of grafting time on graft success of walnut ( Juglans regia) in zero energy poly houses.Bhat M.Y, Banday F.A., Wani Imtiyaz A., Dar M.A. and Lone Abid A.6.60Select
Impact of method of application and concentration of potassium on yield of wheat.J.A.Wani, M.A.Malik, Dar M.A., Farida Akhtar and S.K.Raina.6.68Select
Sustainable Saffron Production as Influenced by Integrated Nitrogen Management in Typic Hapludalfs of NW Himalayas.Kirmani, N. A., Javid Ahmad Sofi, Mohammad Auyoub Bhat and S. Ansar-ul-Haq.7.00Select
Mapping of DTPA-Extractable cataionic Micronutrientsin Soils under rice and maize ecosystems of Kupwara District in Kashmir-A GIS Approach.Wani, Mushtaq A, Wani, Zahid M., M A Bhat, N A Kirmani and Shaista N.5.23Select
Potassium fixation isotherms and factor affecting potassium fixation in rainfed soils of district Ganderbal J&K.Bangroo S., Ali Tahir. and Rasool F.4.47Select
Effect of integrated nutrient management on growth yield and quality of Maize (Zea Mays L) in temperate conditionsUzma Bashir, Ali Tahir and Fozia Qureshi5.28Select
Mapping of DTPA extractable cationic micronutrients in soils under rice-and maize ecosystems of Kupwara district in Kashmir-A GIS approach.Wani, Mushtaq A., Wani, Zahid, M., Bhat, M.A., Kirmani, N.A. and Shaista, N.5.23Select
Relationship of available nutrients with leaf nutrients in pear orchards of KashmirM. Ashraf Dar, M.Y.Bhat, Uzma Bashir, J.A.Wani, Tahir Ali, S. K. Raina and M H Chesti4.45Select
Vegetation analysis and carbon sequestration potential of Salix Alba plantation under temperate conditions of Kashmir, India.Murtaza Shah, T.H. Masoodi, P. A. Khan, J. A. Wani and S. A. Mir.4.27Select
Effect of Nitrogen management on quality parameters of cabbage under temperate conditions.Majid A. T., Ali Tahir., Ganai I. H, Pandit B.A. and Bisati I.A.4.79Select
Effect of paclobutrazol and summer pruning on yield and fruit quality of apple cv. Red Delicious.Naira Ashraf, M.Y.Bhat, M.K.Sharma, G.H.Rather, Moieza Ashraf, M.A.Dar and Rifat Ara.4.35Select
Micronutrient Status of Cherry Growing Soils of District Baramulla (Jammu & Kashmir).M. Ashraf Dar, J.A.Wani, D.Ram, Tahir Ali, M.A.Malik and M.Y.Bhat4.54Select
Effect of integrated application of inorganic and organic sources on soil properties, yield and nutrient uptake by rice (Oryza sativa L.) in intermediate zone of Jammu and Kashmir.M.H.Chesti, Anshuman Kohli, Aziz Mujtaba, J.A.sofi, Tabassum Nazir Qadri, Q. J.A.Peer, M.A.Dar and I.A.Bisati.5.23Select
Effect of farmyard manure and inorganic nitrogen on yield and nutrition uptake of kale (Brassica oleracea var. acephala) and different forms of inorganic nitrogen under eurochrepts.Fozia Qureshi, Javaid Ahmad Wani, Uzma Bashir and Muzaffar Ahmad Malik.6.00Select
Biochar for sustainable Soil Health: A Review of Prospects and concerns.Aabid H.Lone,Nagar, G. R, Ganai, M.A, Sofi, J. A and Ali, Tahir.7.54Select
Soil carbon sequestration: as a climate change adaptation and mitigation strategy –An overview. InternationalSartaz A. Wani, M.Nayeem Sofi,Subhash Chand and K.R. Kakeem.3.61Select
Nutrient status of pear orchards of Kashmir and their relationship with physico-chemical propertiesDar M.A., S.K.Raina, M.Y.Bhat, Sameena Nabi, and J.A.Wani.2.51Select
Relationship of leaf nutrient content with fruit yield and quality of pear.Dar M. A, J. A. Wani, S. K. Raina, M. Y.Bhat and M.A.Malik.6.68Select
Impact of PSB (Bacillus subtilis) and Endo Mycorrhiza on Growth, yield, quality and nutrient uptake in Maize (Zea maize L) under temperate conditions of Kashmir,Wani F.S and Ali Tahir.4.35Select
Role of microorganisms in nutrient mobilization and soil healthWani F.S, Ahmad L., Ali Tahir. and Mushtaq A.4.74Select
Isolation, Characterization and Screening of Phosphate Solublizing bacteria,.Wani F.S, Ali Tahir. And Ahmad Z.4.74Select
Spatial Variability of DTPA Extractable Cationic Micronutrients in Northern Part of Lesser Himalayas using GIS Approach.Wani, Mushtaq A., Wani Zahid M., Shaista, N., Kirmani, N.A. and Bhat, M.A.4.45Select
Modelling spatial variability of soil potassium release under different cropping sequences of Lesser Himalayas.Shaista Nazir and Wani, Mushtaq A.4.45Select
Spatial variation of soil available phosphorus in the Dal lake catchment of lesser Himalayas.Wani, Mushtaq A. and Wani Zahid M.7.63Select
Soil water and nitrogen balance study of maize Using CERES maize model in DSSATGurdeep singh *B.A.Lone, Sameera Qayoom Purshotam singh , Zahoor Ahmad Dar, Sandeep Kumar, Asma Fayaz and K.N.Singh S i.5.29Select
Assessment of problems in apple orchards of Kashmir valley through disease diagnostic visits.M.Y.Bhat, Safeer Alam, Rouf A. Wani, Sushil Kumar ,Mohd Ashraf Dar, Mushtaq A. Dar and F.A.Banday3.56Select
Micro-nutrient Indexing of Pear Orchards of Pulwama districtin Jammu and Kashmir.Sartaj A. Wani, G. R. Najar, Farida Akhter, Muneeb Ahmad Wan, Malik Sajad and Rehana Rasool5.32Select
Improving Soil Health and productivity in Brown sarson var. Ks -101 ( brasica rapa L.) in alfisol of temperate Kashmir through organisc and inorganic nutrient sources. Ecology,Sartaj A. Wani., Ali Tahir, subash chand and Khurshid A sofi5.02Select
Soil quality index as affected by different cropping systems in northwestern Himalayas.Sofi, J. A. & A. G. Bhat & N. A. Kirmani& J. A. Wani & Aabid H. Lone & Mumtaz A. Ganie & G. I. H. Dar.7.63Select
Morphology, genesis and classification of pear growing soils of Pulwama district in Lesser Himalayas of temperate Kashmir,Sartaj A. Wani., G.R.Najar., Ali Tahir and Akhtar. F6.68Select
Survey and Status of Rice Blast caused by Magnaporthe Oryzae B.C.Couch in Commercial Rice Growing Areas of Kashmir,Rasool N,Ahmed M, Shah M.D and Sandeep6.00Select
Evaluation of nutrient index using organic carbon, available P and available K concentrations as a measure of soil fertility in Jehlum River basin, India.Evaluation of nutrient index using organic carbon, available P and available K concentrations as a measure of soil fertility in Jehlum River basin, India.Wani, Mushtaq A., Shaista Nazir and Shazia Ramzan. .4.45Select
Potassium Supplying Power of Soils of Lesser Himalayas. ResearchWani, Mushtaq A., Shaista Nazir and Shazia Ramzan6.60Select
Available Nitrogen (N) response through Organic Carbon and Fertility Index of Baramulla District of Lesser Himalayas.Wani, Mushtaq A. and ShaistaNazir4.45Select
Surface Distribution of Micronutrients in Soils of District Ganderbal as affected by land use.Massrat Maqbool, Rehana Rasool, G.R Najar, Irfana Showqi and Summaira Shafi5.26Select
Soil Microbiological Activity and Carbon Dynamics in the Current Climate Change Scenarios:Javid A. Sofi, Aabid H. Lone,Mumtaz A. Ganie, Naseer A.Dar, Sajad A Bhat, Malik Mukhtar, Mohd Ashraf Dar and Shazia Ramzan.7.54Select
A review of geo-chemical fractions of heavy metals in agricultural soilsShazia Ramzan, M. Auyoub Bhat, Mushtaq A. Wani, Juvaria Jeelani, Masrat Maqbool and Rehana Jan5.31Select
Assessment of spatial variability of soil fertility parameters using geospatial techniques in temperate himalays.Shazia Ramzan, Mushtaq A. Wani and M. Auyoub Bhat6.50Select
Effect of organic and inorganic nutrients on yield, quality and nutrient uptake in brown sarson (Brassica Rapa L.) under temperate Kashmir.Sartaj.a. Wani, Subhash Chand, Muneeb A. Wani and Khurshid A. Sofi4.69Select
An overview of spstial variability of soil microbiological properties using geostatics.Juvaria Jeelani, Nayar Afaq Kirmani, Javaid A. Sofi, Shakeel A. Mir, Javed Ahmad Wani, Rehana Rasool and Syed Sadat5.38Select
Effect of sulphur on onion (Allium cepa) in presence and absence of farm yard manure in onion-maize (Zea mays) sequence.S. K. Raina, R. C. Jaggi, Abha Chohan, D.Ram, Subhash Chand, J. A. Wani, M.A. Malik and M. A. Dar5.26Select
Uptake and availability of potassium and nitrogen in wheat as influenced by threir split application under temperate conditions of Kashmir.Sabia Akhter, R. Kotru and Javaid Ahmad Wani4.35Select
Quantifying the stock of soil carbon sequestration in different land uses: An overviewMehraj ud din Khandey, Wani J.A, D. Ram and Ruksana Jan5.38Select
Evaluation of suitable extractants for zinc and establish its critical limits in soil and wheat plant grown under temperate comdition of Kashmir valley.Khurshid A. Sofi, Tahir Ali, Mehraj ud din Khanday, M. A. dar and Zubair A. Dar5.75Select
Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System Approach for Major and Micronutrient Diagnostic Norms for Apple (Malus Domestica Borkh) under Varying Ages and Management Practices of Apple Orchards.Sofi, J. A., R.K. Rattan, N.A. Kirmani, M.H. Chesti & I. Bisati6.51Select
Seasonal analysis of maize using CERES maize model.Bilal Ahmad Lone, Sameera Qayoom, Purshotam Singh, Zahoor Ahmad Dar, Sandeep Kumar, N. A. Dar, Asma Fayaz and Gurdeep Singh.4.74Select
Depth Wise Distribution of Primary Nutrients in Pear Orchard Soils of KashmirDar,M.A.. Rehana Rasool, Masrat Maqbool, J.A.wani, M.Y.Bhat and Shazia Ramzan.5.38Select
Optimization of agrotechniques for maximum productivity and profit of maize Seasonal analysis of maize using CERES maize model.Bilal Ahmad Lone, Sameera Qayoom, Purshotam Singh, Zahoor Ahmad Dar, Sandeep Kumar, N. A. Dar, Asma Fayaz and Gurdeep Singh4.74Select
Optimization of Agro-techniques to maximize productivity economics of Maize (Zea mays L.) under irrigated and unirrigated conditions.Gurdeep singh, B.A.Lone, Sameera Qayoom Purshotam singh, Zahoor Ahmad Dar, Sandeep Kumar, Asma Fayaz and K.N.Singh. .4.69Select
Simulating date of sowing in Maize (Zea mays L.) Under irrigated using CERES maize Model”Gurdeep singh, B.A.Lone, Zahoor Ahmad Dar Purshotam singh , Asma Fayaz, , Sandeep Kumar, Sameera Qayoom and K.N.Singh4.74Select
Soil Water and Nitrogen Balance Study of Maize Using CERES Maize Model in DSSATGurdeep Singh, B. A. Lone, Sameera Qayoom, Purshotam Singh, Zahoor Ahmad Dar, Sandeep Kumar, Asma Fayaz1, K. N. Singh1 and Altaf Hussain5.29Select
Influence of integrated nitrogen management on French bean ( Phaseolus vulgaris L.,) under temperate conditions of Kashmir ValleyJan , R: Ali Tahir, M. Nighat, S, Ramzan, Nabi, B. B and Matto, J. M5.31Select
Characterization, Classification and Evaluation of soils of Namblan Sub – Catchment of Jhelum Basin of Srinagar District in Kashmir Valley.Mehraj ud din Khandey D, Ram. Wani, J.A, S.K.Raina and Ali Tahir5.23Select
Effect of Phosphorus and Sulphur on Nutrient and Amino Acids Content of Soybean (Glycine max L. Merill) under ‘Alfisols’Sandeep Kumar, Javeed Ahmad Wani1, Bilal Ahmad Lone1*, Asma Fayaz, Purshotam Singh1, Sameera Qayoom1, Zahoor A. Dar1 and Nazir Ahmed.4.69Select
Organic farming: Present status, scope and prospects in northern India.Sartaj A. Wani Muneeb Ahmad Wani Sheikh Mehraj Bilal A. Padder and Subhash Chand4.84Select
Correlation Studies on Micronutrients with Soil Properties of Pear Orchards In Pulwama District Jammu and KashmirSartaj A. Wani, G. R. Najar, Farida Akhter, Sheikh Mehraj, Rehana Rasool and Malik Sajad4.69Select
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