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Research Publications

Year Of PublicationTitleAuthorsJournal TitleNaas Rating
2016Influence of Institutional Credit on Livestock Ownership and Adoption of Cross Bred Technology in Mountainous Regions of Jammu & KashmirBaba, S.H., B.A. Zargar, Showket A. Mir, Y. Hamid, N.A. QammerIndian Research Journal of Extension Education
2018Annelida: Oligochaeta) as bio-indicator of water quality under temprate climatic conditions.Abubakr, Adnan, Ahmad Altaf, Balkhi M.H, & Malik, R. Macro-invertiberatesInternational Journal of Pure and Applied BioScience
2019A study on the awareness of water conservation among students and their perception of water related risks in Kashmir.Bilal A. Bhat, Afreen Niyaz, Naheed VaidaInternational Journal of Global Science Research
2017"Heart Disease Prediction System using Data Mining Techniques: A study”Kirmani, M.M, Ansarullah, S. I, Sharma,P. K., Wahid, A.International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)
2015D-S Gaps, Utilization Pattern and Impact of Institutional Credit to Agriculture in Jammu & Kashmir.Baba, S. H., M. H. Wani, Bilal A. Zargar, Arshad BhatIndian Journal of Economics and Development
2013Pesticide Delivery System in Apple Growing Belt of Kashmir ValleyBaba, S. H., M.H. Wani, Bilal A. Zargar, S.A. Wani and S.S. KubreviAgricultural Economics Research Review
2013Marketable surplus and supply chain of apricot in cold arid Ladakh (J&K)Baba, S. H., M.H. Wani, H.A. Malik, B.A. Zargar and S.A. MiriIndian Journal of Agricultural Marketing
2019Growth of fisheries sector in Jammu & Kashmir.Baba, S. H., N. Hussain, B.A. Zargar, I.F. Bhat and Irtiqa MalikJournal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
2019Technological interventions and livelihood security of small holders in maize based farming system of Kashmir valleyBaba, S. H., S.A.Mir,I.F.Bhat,I,Malik,B.A.Zargar.Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
2019Trends of maize production in Jammu & Kashmir.Baba, S.H., B. A. Zargar, N. Hussain, I, Malik and I.F. BhatJournal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
2014Institutional Credit and Capital Formation in Mountain Agriculture: Evidences from Jammu & Kashmir.Baba, S.H., M.H. Wani, B.A. Zargar, H.A. Malik and Showket A. MirIndian Research Journal of Extension Education
2019Determinants of land degradation in Jammu & Kashmir: Implication for land governance.Baba, S.H., M.H. Wani, B.A.Zargar and I.F. BhatAgricultural Economics Research Review
2015Econometric Analysis of Demand and Supply of Institutional Credit to Agriculture in Jammu and Kashmir.Baba, S.H., M.H. Wani, Muzaffer Manzoor. Mir and N.A. BazazEconomic Affairs
2014Dynamics and impact of public investment on the growth of fisheries sector in Jammu & KashmirBaba, S.H., O.Asimi, I.A. Khan, and N. HussainJournal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
2018Human resource development, agricultural productivity and household income in rural Jammu and KashmirBaba, S.H., O.F. Khan, T. KawoosaInternational Journal of Education & Management Studies
2020Externalities of pesticide application on apple in Kashmir Valley.Baba, S.H., S.A. Mir, H.A. Malik and Y.HamidAgricultural Economics Research Review
2020Investigation of structural changes in livestock sector in Jammu & Kashmir.Baba, S.H., S.A. Mir, I.A. Khan, O.Asimi and Y. HamidJournal of Entomology and Zoology Studies
2014Imperatives for sustenance of agricultural economy in the mountains: A prototype from Jammu & Kashmir.Baba, S.H., Wani, M.H., Wani, S.A., Zargar, B.A. and Malik, H. A.Agricultural Economics Research Review
2014Institutional credit to mountain agriculture: Issues of structural changes and impact in Jammu & Kashmir.Baba, S.H., Wani, M.H., Wani, S.A., Zargar, B.A. and Qammer, N.A.Agricultural Economics Research Review
2015Rural infrastructure and agricultural growth linkages in Jammu & Kashmir.Baba. S. H., S. A. Mir, Aijaz A. Khan, N. H. Bazaz and Muzaffer ManoorEconomic Affairs
2013Truncated Growth and Compromised Sustainability: The Case of Lake Fisheries in Kashmir.Neha W. Qureshi, M. Krishnan, C. Sundaramoorthy, A.K. Vasisht, S.H. Baba, Nalini Ranjan Kumar and Rama SharmaAgricultural Economics Research Review
2016Export performance of Indian Walnut: Decomposition analysis and gravit model approach.Baba, S.H.Agricultural Economics Research Review
2015Climate change in Kashmir valley: Is it initiating transformation of mountain agriculture?Wani, M. H., S. H. Baba, Naseer Hussain Bazaz and Huma SeharIndian Journal of Economics and Development
2013Maize composites enhance economic returns from dry land farming: Evidences from uplands of Kashmir Valley.Wani, M. H., S. H. Baba, P. Rama Sundaram, Shoaib Yousuf and Shahid YousufIndian Journal of Agricultural Economics
2019Economic Appraisal of Water-Ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir: India.Wani, M.H., S. H. Baba and A. Bhat,International Journal of Environment and Climate Change
2019Disadvantaged nomadic tribes of Jammu and Kashmir in the frame of livelihood security through animal rearingWani, M.H., S. H. Baba, N. H. Bazaz, B. A. Zargar and A. BhatIndian Journal of Animal Sciences
2013Has Adoption of Improved Rice Technology Enhanced Economic and Livelihood Security in Kashmir Valley?.Wani, M.H., S.H. Baba, P. Rama Sundaram, Shoaib Yousuf and Shahid YousufAgricultural Economics Research Review
2014Value Chains for Livestock Products in Himalayan Mountains: Studies from Jammu and KashmirWani, S. A., F. A. Shaheen, S. H. Baba, Naqash, Farheen; Manzoor, MuzafferIndian Journal of Agricultural Economics
2018Robust estimators for estimation of population variance using linear combination of Downtons’ method and deciles as auxiliary information.Bhat, M.A., T. A. Raja, S. Maqbool, A. Rauf, S. H. Baba and Imad ShahAdvances in Research
2019A Study on Jammu and Kashmir Present, Past and Views of Students on Article 370 Abrogation.Bilal Ahmad BhatInternational Journal of Latest Research in Humanities and Social Science