Veterinary Physiology

Research Publications

Year Of PublicationTitleAuthorsJournal TitleNaas Rating
2021Saga of Hunger in India- Challenges, Chances and Resolutions: A ReviewZ. A. PamporiAsian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.5.00
2020Routes Adopted by Bakarwals during Migration of Livestock and its ConstraintsNR Kirmani, MT Banday, A Wani, ZA Pampori, S AdilJ. Krishi Vigyan.4.41
2019Accessing drop in milk production in cattle due to cold climate and subsequent nutrient amelioration in temperate KashmirOvais Aarif, Z.A. Pampori, Dilruba Hasin, Aasif A Sheikh, Irfan A Bhat and J.D. ParraIndian Journal of Animal Research.6.03
2018Multi-seasonal estimation of nitrogen, sulphur & Nitrogen: Sulphur ratio in sub-alpine pasture grasses of Kashmir valley.Humaira Ashraf, H.A.Ahmed, A.M. Ganai, Z.A.Pampori, H.M.Khan and I.Hussain.Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies.5.53
2016Gender bias in haemato- biochemical and oxidative stress indices in Karakul Sheep.Pampori, Z.A., D,Hasin., S,Riaz. And O, Aarif.Journal of Animal Research.5.68
2016Post prandial dynamics of macroelements in the blood and rumen liquor of buffalo calves under 4 feeding regimes.Iqbal, S., Aarif,O., Pampori, Z.A. and Hasin, D..Indian J. Anim. Research.6.03
2014Physiological and haemato- biochemical profiling of domestic geese (Anser anser domesticus)Henna Hamdani, A. A. Khan, M.S.Mir., Z. A. Pampori, Ishraq H. & M.T. Banday.Applied Biol. Res.4.35
2013Gender and age bias in immune competence and oxidative stress markers in Murrah buffaloes.Pampori, Z. A.and S. Pandita.Indian J. Anim. Sci.6.60
2013Analysis of age and sex bias in iNOS gene expression pre and post endoctoxin challenge in buffalo lymphocytesPampori, Z. A., S. Pandita., N.Warshney and M. Zandi..Veterinary Practitioner.6.60
2011Real- time ultrasono-graphy as a diagnostic tool in bovine reproduction.Pathan, M.M and Pampori, Z.AVet Scan
2011Blood constituents and morphology of Yarqandi double humped camelPampori, Z. A., Iqbal, S., Khan, Z.A. and Kirmani, M.A.Ind. Vet. J6.06
2010Age related changes in haematology and serum chemistry in Changthangi goats (Capra hircus).Pampori, Z.A., Iqbal, S., Khan, M. Z., Hasin, D. and Koul, N. A.Ind. J.Vet. Res4.04
2010Haematology and serum chemistry of Zomo, Tulmo and Garmo (yak hybrids).Pampori, Z.A., Iqbal, S., Hasin, D. and Iqbal, MInd. J. Dairy Sci.4.80
2009Carcass and egg characteristics of indigenous chicken of Kashmir (Kashmir favorella).Iqbal, S., Pampori, Z. A. and Hasin, DInd. J. Anim. Res.6.03
2008Electrocardiographic observation in clinically healthy New Zealand White rabbits.Jafrin, A. A.,Nazki,A. R.,Nawab, N., Iqbal, S.,Pampori, Z. A.Ind. J. Anim. Physio.2.30
2006Effect of probiotics on the performance of broiler chicksM. T. Banday and Z. A. PamporiInd.J. Anim. Nutr4.00
2005Studies on foot and mouth disease out breaks in Kashmir.M. Shaheen, Z. A. Pampori and K. A. Shah.Ind. Vet. J.6.06
2005Isolation and drug sensitivity of bacteria from cervical mucus of repeat breeder cowsPampori,Z. A., K. A. Shah and S. Iqbal.SKUAST J. Res.3.23
2004Effect of progesterone in repeat breeder cows.Z. A. Pampori and K. A. Shah.SKUAST J. Res3.23
2003Prevalence of helminth parasites in cattle reared in shopian area of Kashmir valleyM. S. Mir., Z. A. Pampori., M. M. Darzi., H. M. Khan and N. Nashiruddullah.The Blue Cross Book2.44
2003Encephalopathy like syndrome in caprines and its managementM. Shaheen., K. A. Shah and Z. A. Pampori.Ind. J. Vet. Med4.00
2003Effect evaluation of pathalylsulphategiazole, pectin and Kaolin in poultry colibacillosisK. A. Shah and Z. A. Pampori.SKUAST J. Res3.23
2003Effect evaluation of human placental extract in repeat breeder cows.Z. A. Pampori., S. Iqbal and K. A. Shah.SARAS J. of Livestock and poultry Prodn
2002Neonatal calf enteritis in Kashmir and its management.M. Shaheen., Z. A. Pampori., F. A. Matto and R. A. Shah.Ind. Vet. J.6.04
2000Evaluation of nuclear maturation in Black Bengal goat oocytes cultured in-vitro.Z. A. Pampori and S. P. Prasad.Ind. J. Anim. Res.6.03
1997Relative efficacy of different techniques of oocyte retrieval in goat.Z. A. Pampori and S. P. Prasad.Ind. J. Anim. Sci6.06
2007Haematology, serum chemistry and electrocardiographic evaluation in native chicken of KashmirPampori, Z.A and Iqbal, S..Int. J. Poult. Sci.6.42
2008Production potential and qualitative traits of indigenous chicken of Kashmir.Pampori, Z.A and Iqbal S..Livestock Res. for rural develop6.23
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2013Reproductive cycle stage bias in physiological and immune responses to endotoxin challenge in Murrah buffaloes.Pampori, Z. A and S. Pandita.Buffalo Bulletin6.06
2014Age- and sex-related variability in physiological and immune responses to endotoxin challenge in Murrah buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis).Pampori, Z. A and S. Pandita.Journal of Applied Animal Research.6.44
2015Haemato-biochemical and antioxidant profiling of indigenous cattle of Kashmir.Z.A.Pampori., S. Ashraf., S.Iqbal., I.Nabi and R. Ahmad..SAARC J. Agri.3.54
2018Physiology of reproductive seasonality in Sheep- an updateZ. A. Pampori., Aasif A Sheikh., Ovais Aarif., Dilruba Hasin and Irfan. A Bhat.Biological Rhythm Research6.69
2019Milk production and hormonal profile as affected by fenugreek supplementation in lactating goats of Kashmir ValleyHasin. D., Z. A. Pampori., O. Aarif.,A. A. Sheikh. and I.A.Bhat.Biological Rhythm Research6.69
2019Idebenone improves quality of ram sperm by mitigating oxidative stress during cryopreservation.Farooz A. Lone., M. Naikoo., A. Khatun., Riaz A. Shah., Z. A. Pampori., Hilal M. Khan. And A. A. Ahanger.Cryobiology7.59
2004Embryo recovery response in superovulated prepubertal local goats of AssamHasin, D, Baruah, K.K., Chakravarty, P, Biswas, R.K, Sarmah, B.C. and Baruah AInd. J. Anim. Sci6.23
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2015Isolation and molecular characterization of Clostridium difficile from pet dogs in AssamHussain I., Sharma, R.K., Borah, P., Rajkhowa, S., Rupnik, M., Hussain, I., Barkalita, L.M., Hasin, D., Chaudhury, M. Deka, N.K. and Saikia G.K.Anaerobe8.86
2016Efficacy of different extenders on sperm characteristics and fertility in crossbred pigs of north-eastern India.Govindasamy, K., Ponraj, P. Thulasiraman, S., Andonissamy, J. Naskar, S Das, A., Hasin, D. and Baishya, S.K.Veterinarski Arhiv.6.49
2016Molecular characteristics of Clostridium difficile isolates from human, and animals in North Eastern region of India.Hussain I., Borah, P., Sharma, R.K., Rajkhowa, S., Rupnik, M., Saikia, D.P. Hasin D., Hussain Iftikar, Deka, N.K., Barkalita, L.M., Nishikawa, Y and Ramamurthy, TMolecular and Cellular Probe8.36
2018Impact of anthelmintic against naturally infected gastrointestinal nematodes in ruminants of Budgum district, Jammu and Kashmir, India.Bulbul, K.H.,Sofi, S.S.,Hasin, D.,Akand,A.H., Ahmad,N and Sheikh, I.UInternational Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences.5.38
2015Evaporative cooling in late gestation Murrah buffaloes potentiates immunity around transition period and overcomes reproductive disorders.Ovais A, Anjali A.Theriogenology8.74
2016ry period cooling ameliorates physiological variables and blood acid base balance, improving milk production in Murrah buffaloes.Ovais A, Anjali A.International journal of biometeorology9.78
2017Evaporative cooling in late gestation heat-stressed Murrah buffaloes increases efficiency of next reproductive cycle.Ovais A, Anjali A, Aasif AS.Reproduction in Domestic Animals8.00
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2015Invitro Effect of Zinc Treatment on the Antioxidant Status of Heat Stressed Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Periparturient Sahiwal and Karan Fries Cows - A Comparative Study.Aasif AS, Anjali A, Ovais A, Upadhyay RC.Journal of Animal Research5.43
2014Genetic polymorphisms within exon 8, 9, and 10 of heat shock protein (hsp) 90aa1 in deoni cattle.Shahid AS, Ramesha KP, Ovais A, Nazir AM.Animal Science Reporter2.02
2020Haemato-biochemical profile of Corriedale ewes in relation to winter housing and feeding interventions in Kashmir regionAzra Arshad Chishti, Hilal Musadiq Khan, Rouf Ahmed Pattoo, Abdul Majeed Ganai, Ovais Aarif, Anees Ahmad Shah and Javid FarooqJournal of Entomology and Zoology Studies.4.80
2020Socio-economic status of Ponywallas associated with Shri-Amarnath Yatra and ecotourism in Kashmir valleyA Y WANI, M ABDULLAH, N R KIRMANI, H M KHAN, O ARIF, M T BANDAY and M A PAULIndian Journal of Animal Sciences6.31
2008Serum enzyme activity in Beetal goat at various physiological stagesFozia Shah and Meenakshi GuptaIndian Journal of Animal Sciences6.31
2015comparative study on expression profile of developmentally important genes during pre implantation stages in buffalo hand-made cloned embryos derived from adult fibroblasts and amniotic fluid derived stem cellsSadeesh Em . Fozia Shah . Meena Kataria .P. S. YadavCytotechnology7.86
2014Effect of growth factor and antioxidant on vitro maturation of oocytes and clevages rates of invitro produced indian buffalo (bubalus bubalis) embryosSadeesh, E.M ., Shah, Fozia, Balhara, A.K., Thirumaran., S.M.K., Yadav, S. And Yadav, P. SVeterinarski Arhiv.6.55
2014Effect of diverse levels of cell culture confluences on development of hand made cloned buffalo embryosShah, Fozia., Sadeesh, E.M., Gupta,M., Ghosh, K. And Yadav, P. S.Journal of Cell and Tissue Research5.23
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2015Reprogramming of buffalo fibroblast cells using oocytes extract and selection of developmentally competent oocytes through brilliant cresyl blue stain enhances blastocyst development rate in buffalo (bubalus bubalis) handmade cloned embryosSadeesh Em .Menna Kataria. Fozia Shah And P.S. YadavCytotechnology7.86
2017Combined positive effect of oocyte extracts and brilliant cresyl blue stained recipient cytoplasts on epigenetic reprogramming and gene expression in buffalo nuclear transfer embryosSadeesh Em. Shah Fozia and kataria meenaCytotechnology7.86
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