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Research Publications

Year Of PublicationTitleAuthorsJournal TitleNaas Rating
1989Isolation of Salmonella Schwarzengrund from Deonar Abattoir for the first time in India.Z. H. Munshi, A. T. Sherikar, J. B. Khot, B. R. Gupta andJ. C. VermaBombay Veterinary Journal. (1): 73-74.1.00
2002Study of Ovine foot- rot under semi-migratory system of Management.Darzi. M. M.; Willayat. M. M.; S. A. Hussain.; Z. H. Munshi; Mir, M. S. and Khan, H. M.Indian Journal of Small Ruminants. 8: 156-1585.95
2003Isolation and In-vitro sensitivity pattern of pathogenic Escherichia coli from diarrhoeic faecal samples of lambs and calves.Wani, S.A.; Bhat, M.A.; Munshi, Z. H.; Sabia Quereshi and Buchh, A.S.Indian Journal of Animal Sciences. 73(2): 168-170.6.28
2003Isolation and Antibiogram of Coagulase positive Staphylococci from Bovine Mastitis Milk.S. Akram Hussain.; Rafia Rashid.; M. M. Willayat and Z. H. MunshiIndian Journal of Comparative Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases. 23 (2): 191-192.5.00
2005Prevalence of Food-borne pathogens in Milk and Milk Products.S. Akram Hussain and Z. H. Munshi.Journal of Veterinary Public Health. Vol. VI:4.18
2007Food Poisoning due to Bacillus cereus: A case report.S. A. Hussain, Z. H. Munshi and I. HussainJournal of Veterinary PublicHealth.5: 57-594.18
2009Gangrenous mastitis in Corriedale ewe in Kashmir Valley: Clinical and laboratory findings.Roy, S.S., Mishra, S.S., Willayat, M.M., Hussain, S.A., Sheikh G.N. and Ganai, T.A.S.Livestock International pp 4-6.3.00
2009Serological diagnosis of Brucellosis in animals and man and its therapeutic management.Hafiz, A. Hussain, S. A. Bhattacharyya H. K. and Tufani. N. A.Journal of Veterinary Public Health 7(1): 75-77.4.18
2011Prevalence and antibiogram of Listeria monocytogenes in cases of abortion and stillbirths in sheep of KashmirSharief, J., Willayat, M.M., Roy, SS., Sheikh, G.N., Qureshi, S. and Bhat, S.A.Journal of Veterinary Public Health, 9: 43-46.4.18
2011Isolation and molecular characterization of Listeria monocytogenes from mutton and paneerBhat, S.A., Willayat, M.M., Roy, S.S., Qureshi, S. and Sharief, J.Journal of Veterinary Public Health, 9: 19-24.4.18
2011Enterotoxin Gene Profile of Bacillus cereus Strains Isolated from Raw and Pasteurized milkRather, M.A., Aulakh, R.S., Gill, J.P.S., Verma, R. and Rao, T.S.Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 81 (5): 448–52.6.28
2011Enterotoxin Gene Profile and Antibiogram of Bacillus cereus Strains Isolated from Raw Meats and Meat Products.Rather, M.A., Aulakh, R.S., Gill, J.P.S and Ghatak, S.Journal of Food Safety, 32 (1): 22-287.13
2012Detection and Sequencing of Plasmid Encoded Tetracycline Resistance Determinants (tetA and tetB) from Food-borne Bacillus cereus Isolates.Rather, M.A., Aulakh, R.S., Gill, J.P.S., Mir, A.Q. and Hassan, M.N.Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, 5(9): 709-712.7.94
2012Biotyping of Bacillus cereus from the street vended Foods in Srinagar area of KashmirHafeez,Y., Iqbal, A. and Ahmad, MVeterinary World. 5(10): 590-5935.50
2012Bacteriological Load (Bacillus cereus) of the Street Vended Mutton Tikka in Srinagar City of Kashmir, IndiaHafeez, Y., Iqbal, A., Ahmad, M., Willayat, M., Sheikh, G.N., Ahmad, M., Tramboo, S. and Qazi. M.International Journal of Livestock Research. 2(3): 199-204.4.00
2012A Study on the Prevalence of Bacillus cereus emetic strains in Burfi in and around Srinagar city of Kashmir.Musvi, A., Iqbal, A., Ahmad, M., Chouhan, R.A., Hafeez, Y., Arshid, S., Tramboo, S., Willayet, M.M. and Bhat, S.International Journal of Livestock Research. 165-175.3.00
2012Microbiological Evaluation of Ready-to-eat Chicken Products by Coliform count Method.Raja, R., Iqbal, A., Hafiz, Y., Willayat, M.M., Ahmed, M., Sheikh, G.N. and Ahmad, M.International Journal of Livestock Research. 2(3): 194-198.1.00
2012Evaluation of Bacteriological Quality of Ready-to-eat Chicken Products by Total Viable Count Method.Raja, R., Iqbal, A., Hafiz, Y., Willayat, M.M., Bhat, S and Rather, M.A.Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research. 2: 192-197.0.50
2012Antibiotic sensitivity of E. coli and Salmonella isolated from different water sources in Kashmir, India.Rather, T.A, Hussain, S.A, Bhat, S.A, Shah,S.N., Arshid, S. and Shahnawaz, M.Comparative Clinical Pathology2.00
2012Serotyping of E. coli from different sources of water supply in Srinagar, Kashmir.Rather, T.A, Hussain, S.A, Bhat, S.A, Shah,S.N. and Maqbool, M.SInternational Journal of Livestock Research 2(2): 176-179.2.00
2013Bacterial flora of uterine secretions in repeat breeding cattle and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern.Islam, R. Hussain, S.A. Bhattacharya, H.K. and. Khan, M.Z.Asian Journal of Animal Research 1(2).4.00
2013Isolation, molecular detection and antibiogram of Listeria monocytogenes from human clinical cases and fish of Kashmir, India.Bhat, S.A., Willayat, M.M., Roy, S.S., Bhat, M.A., Shah, S.N., Ahmad, A. and Maqbool, SComparative Clinical Pathology, 22: 661-665.4.00
2014A multiplex PCR for detection of enterotoxin genes in Aeromonas species isolated from foods of animal origin and human diarrhoeal samples.Rather, M.A. Willayat, M.M. Wani, S.A., Munshi Z.H. and Hussain S.A.Journal of Applied Microbiology, 117, 1721-17299.07
2015Antibiogram and detection of tetracycline resistance genes (tetA, tetB) of Bacillus cereus from foods of animal origin.Rather, M.A., Aulakh, R.S., Munshi, Z.H., Hussain, S.A, Shah, S.A., Kashoo, Z.A., Ali, U., Showkat, S. and Wani, NSKUAST Journal of Research, 16(2): 73-814.17
2018RFLP analysis of flagellin (Fla) gene of Campylobacter jejuni from ovines of Kashmir, India.Gull B., Qureshi S., Kashoo Z. A., Wani, S.A., Magray, S.N., Malik, F.A., Hussain, M.I., Rather, M.A. and Habib, A.Journal of Food Safety, 38(5): 1-77.14
2017Cutaneous nocardiosis in pigeon: A case reportAthar, H., Gayas, M.A., Rather, M., Imtiyaz, I., Handoo, N., Bashir, O., Paul, Z and Makhdoomi, D.M.The Pharma Innovation Journal,6(12): 380-382.5.23
2017Does natural honey act as an alternative to antibiotics in the semen extender for cryopreservation of crossbred ram semen?Banday, M.N., Lone, F.A., Rasool, F., Rather, H.A. and Rather, MA.Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research, 18 (4), 256.89
2017Incidence of heat resistance and heat sensitive strains of Clostridium perfringens type a in selected meat and water samples.Hussain, S.A., Willayat, M.M., Munshi Z.H., and Rather, M.A.Indian J. Comp. Microbiol. Immunol. Infect. Dis., 38, 34-364.49
2018Evaluation of the biological effects of Clostridium perfringens type a crude enterotoxin (CPCE) using animal model.Hussain, S.A., Willayat, M.M., Munshi, Z.H., Rather, M.A. and Wani, NJournal of Entomology and Zoology Studies, 6(6): 848-852.5.53
2018Enterotoxigenecity and Typing of Clostridium perfringens Isolated from Raw Meat, Meat Products and Water Samples in Kashmir, IndiaHussain, S.A., Willayat, M.M. and Rather, M.A.International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, 7(8): 480-489.5.38
2018Physico-chemical and functional properties of pomegranate peel and seed powderJalal, J., Pal, M.A., Ahmad, S.R., Rather, M., Andrabi, A and Hamdani, S.The Pharma Innovation Journal. 7(4): 1127-11315.23
2018Isolation and virulence gene profiling of Clostridium perfringens from freshwater fishWani, N., Wani, S.A., Munshi, Z.H., Shah, S.A., Rather, M. Hussain, A., Kashoo, Z. and Khan. N.N.Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies, 6(3), 176-1815.53
2018Isolation, prevalence and molecular toxinotyping of Clostridium perfringens from healthy and diseased sheep of Kashmir, IndiaShoukat, S., Munshi, Z.H., Wani, S.A., Ali, M., Kashoo, Z.A., Shah, S.A., Wani, H., Ali, U. and Bukhari, S.Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies, 6(6): 805-810. (5.53)5.53
2019Enterotoxin gene profile and molecular epidemiology of Aeromonas species from fish and diverse water sources.Rather, M.A. Willayat, M.M. Wani, S.A., Hussain S.A. and Shah, S.A.Journal of Applied Microbiology, 2019, 127 (3), 921-931.9.07
2019Prevalence of ectoparasites in equines of Kashmir valley.Tramboo, S.R., Shahardar, R.A., Allaie, I.M., Bulbul, K.H., Khan, A.A., Mir, M.S., Hussain, I., Rather, M.A. and Ahanger, A.A.Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies, 7(6): 528-534.5.53