Veterinary Microbiology & Immunology

Research Publications

Year Of PublicationTitleAuthorsJournal TitleNaas Rating
2021Identification of Immunodominant Outer Membrane Proteins of Fusobacterium necrophorum from Severe Ovine Footrot By MALDI-TOF Mass SpectrometryS Farooq, SA Wani, S Qureshi, MA Bhat, ZA Kashoo, I HussainCurrent Microbiology7.75
2021Genome sequence of Dichelobacter nodosus JKS-07B isolate from J&K, India associated with virulent footrot of sheepSabia Qureshi, Shakil A Wani, Shaheen Farooq, Zahid Kashoo, Basharat Bhat, Mohammad Isfaqul Hussain, Aasim Habib, Mohd Altaf Bhat, Shafkat Majeed Khan, Arif Ahmad Pandit, Javeed A Malla, Bilal Ahmad DarScience Progress
2020Genotyping and antibiotic resistance patterns of Campylobacter fetus subsp.venerealis from cattle farms in IndiaAmani Ishtifaq, Sabia Qureshi, Shaheen Farooq, Zahid A Kashoo, Md Z Malik, Mohammad Rizwan Alam, SA Wani, M Altaf Bhat, MI Hussain, Rameez A Dar, Syed M ShahLetters in Applied Microbiology8.17
2019Methicillin resistance genes and in vitro biofilm formation among Staphylococcus aureus isolates from bovine mastitis in IndiaMuneeba Shafi Shah, Sabia Qureshi, Zahid Kashoo, Shaheen Farooq, Shakil Ahmad Wani, M Ishfaqul Hussain, MS Banday, Azmat Alam Khan, Bisma Gull, Aasim Habib, Shafqut Majeed Khan, Bilal Ahmad DarComparative immunology, microbiology and infectious diseases7.57
2019Determination of prevalence, serological diversity, and virulence of Dichelobacter nodosus in ovine footrot with identification of its predominant serotype as a potential …Shakil A Wani, S Farooq, ZA Kashoo, I Hussain, MA Bhat, MA Rather, S AalamgeerTropical animal health and production7.33
2019Draft genome sequence of Dichelobacter nodosus JKS-07 serogroup E from IndiaShakil A Wani, Zahid Kashoo, Shaheen Farooq, Sabia Qureshi, Basharat Bhat, M Isfaqul Hussain, Aasim Habib, Shafkat Majeed Khan, Javeed A Malla, Md Zubbair Malik, Bilal Ahmad DarJournal of global antimicrobial resistance8.71
2019Serological diversity, molecular characterisation and antimicrobial sensitivity of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) isolates from broiler chickens in Kashmir, IndiaS.N.Magray, S. A.Wani, Z. A. Kashoo, M. A. Bhat, S. Adil, S. Farooq, M. A. Rather, Z. A. Kabli, M. T. Banday and Y. NishikawaAnimal Production Science, 59, 338–3467.33
2018Isolation and genome analysis of a lytic Pasteurella multocida Bacteriophage PMP-GAD-INDS. Qureshi, H.M. Saxena, N. Imam, Z. Kashoo, M. ShariefBanday, A. Alam, Md. Z. Malik, R. Ishrat and B. BhatLetters in Applied Microbiology8.17
2018RFLP analysis of flagellin (Fla) gene of Campylobacter jejuni from ovines of Kashmir, IndiaGull, B., Qureshi, S., Kashoo, Z.A, Wani, S.A., Magrey, S.N., Pandit F., Hussain, I., Shafi, S., and Ganaie, M.Y.Journal of Food safety7.13
2018The detection and prevalence of leukotoxin gene variant strains of Fusobacterium necrophorum in footrot lesions of sheep in Kashmir, IndiaS Farooq, SA Wani, MN Hassan, S Aalamgeer, Z.A Kashoo, SN Magray, M.A BhatAnaerobe8.71
2018Isolation and characterization of two lytic bacteriophages against Staphylococcus aureus from India: newer therapeutic agents against bovine mastitis.Ganaie, M. Y., Qureshi, S., Kashoo, Z. A. Wani S.A. Hussain, I., Kumar, R., Maqbool, R., Sikander, P., Banday, M.S., Malla, W.A., Mondal, P. and Khan, R.I.N.Veterinary Research Communications7.29