Veterinary Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine

Research Publications

Year Of PublicationTitleAuthorsJournal TitleNaas Rating
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2007Percutaneous Intracystic catheterization in the clinical management of obstructive urolithiasis in cattle calvesAmatul Muhee, H.U.Malik and D.M. MakhdoomiIndian Journal of Veterinary Research, Vol.16,No.2,2007,pp25-28
2008Clinico-pathological studies on obstructive urolithiasis in cattle calves in KashmirAmatul Muhee and H.U.MalikIndian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Vol.28,No.1,2008, pp5-8.
2010Effect of 1,25 Dihydroxycholecalceferol and anionic salts in preventing postparturient paresisH.U.Malik, Amatul Muhee, R. ZamanIndian Journal of Veterinary Medicine. 2010. 30 (2) 109-110
2010Clinical, Endoscopic and Therapeutic Studies on Canine GastritisM. Shaheen, R. Zaman and A. MuheeIntas Polivet .2010. 11 (II): 293-296
2016Clinical ketosis in lactating dairy cattle and its therapeutic managementS Bashir, I Ashraf, S Bukhari and A A DarJournal of Livestock Sciences 16 (7): 72-73
2016Metabolic and endocrine indexes in cattle vis-à-vis physiological status and seasonal variationA A Dar, S Bashir, I A Bhat, A A Khan, M C SharmaSKUAST Journal of Research 18 (1): 16-23
2017Alterations in biochemical parameters in neonatal calf diarrhea and impact of zinc on clinical recoveryI A Bhat, A A Dar, Q Nazir, S Bashir and G N SheikhSKUAST Journal of research 19(1): 104-108
2020Hypothermia in a lamb: a case reportN Hassan, M Shaheen and S BashirJournal of Entomology and Zoology Studies 8(6):1777-1778