Livestock Production and Management


Research Publications

Year Of PublicationTitleAuthorsJournal TitleNaas Rating
2021Wool Characteristics of Changthangi SheepAA Malik, HM Khan, AH Sofi, MS Mir, J Farooq, FD Sheikh, AQ Mir, M. AbdullahSmall Ruminant Research7.27
2020Kashmir Anz Geese BreedH Hamadani, AA Khan, MT BandayWorld's Poultry Science Journal8.92
2020Effect of essential oils as replacement for antibiotic growth promoters in the diet on performance of broiler chicken.S. Adil, M.T. Banday, I.U. Sheikh, A. A. Khan, A KhurshidSKUAST Journal of Research4.17
2020Routes adopted by Bakarwals during migration of Livestock and its constraintsNR Kirmani, M.T. Banday, A. wani, Z.A. Pampori, S. AdilJournal of Krishi Vigyan4.55
2020Economics of milk production and profitability of different cow unit sizes in SrinagarH Hamadani, A A Khan, Shabir A Wani, H M Khan, M T Banday, Sarfaraz A WaniIndian Journal of Animal Sciences6.28
2020Carcass Characteristics of Broiler Chicken Fed Different Levels of Duckweed and Enzyme SupplementationB. Zaffer, I.U. Sheikh, M.T. Banday, S. Adil, H.A. Ahmed, A.S. Khan, U. Mirza, S.S. NissaVeterinary Research International4.58
2020Effect of feed supplement fortified with herbal extracts on the performance of broiler chickenI.U. Sheikh, M.T. Banday, S. Adil, I.A. Baba, A.A. Khan, R.A. Patoo, A.A. Shah, M UntooVeterinary Research International4.58
2020Occurrence of Capillariain local ducks of KashmirS.F.A. Bihaqi, G.A. Bhat, S.J. Bihaqi, I.M. Allaie, H. HamadaniSKUAST Journal of Research4.17
2020Comparative Analysis of Performance Traits of Different Dairy Cattle Reared in the Srinagar City of J&KH Hamadani, AA Khan, MT Banday, HM KhanAsian Journal of Dairy and Food Research5.75
2021​Productive Performance and Economics of Broiler Chicken Fed Heat Treated Sheep Manure based Diets Supplemented with EnzymeI.U. Sheikh, M.T. Banday, A.A. Khan, S. Adil, I.A. Baba, H. Hamadani, R.A. Patoo, B. Zaffer, S.S. NissaAsian Journal of Dairy and Food Research5.75
2021Effect of housing and nutritional interventions during winter on wool attributes of Corriedale sheepChishti, A.A., Khan, H.M., Pattoo, R.A. and Sofi, A.H.Tropical Animal Health and Production7.33
2021Effect of Inclusion of Different Levels of Duckweed (Lemna minor) on the Performance of Broiler ChickenB. Zaffer, I.U. Sheikh, M.T. Banday, S. Adil, H.A. Ahmed, A.S. Khan, S.S. Nissa, and U. MirzaIndian Journal of Animal Research6.40