Post Harvest Technology


Research Publications

Year Of PublicationTitleAuthorsJournal TitleNaas Rating
2018Proximate analysis of some of the commonly available fish feed ingredients of Kashmir,Asimi, O. A., Irfan Ahmed Khan., Bhat T.H and Husain NasirInternational Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies; 6(1): 09-12
2018Duckweed (Lemna minor) as a plant protein source in the diet of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fingerlingsOyas Ahmed Asimi, Irfan Ahmed Khan, Tariq Ahmed Bhat and Nasir HusainJournal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 7(3): 42-455.21
2017Possibilities of Ornamental Fish Culture in Jammu and Kashmir State for Unemployed Educated Youth,Asimi O. A., Khan I. A., Bhat Tariq H. and Hussain N.International Journal of Zoological Investigations 3(2): 203-207.
2017Alternative Source of Protein “Silkworm Pupae” (Bombyx Mori) In Coldwater AquacultureAsimi OA, Bhat TH, Nasir H, Irfan KInternational journal of Poultry and Fisheries Sciences .1(1):1-4
2017Effect of Heat Treatment at Different Stages of Rigor on the Quality of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei),Tariq Hussain Bhat, Mithilesh Kumar Chouksey, Amjad Khansaheb Balange &Binaya Bhusan NayakJournal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, 26:7,770-780,6.67
2017Effect of severing skeletal muscle at different stage of rigor on the quality of pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei).Tariq Hussain Bhat, Mithilesh Kumar Chouksey, Amjad Khansaheb Balange &Binaya Bhusan Nayakjournal of .Food Processing and Preservation6.89
2016Effect of killing methods on yield and quality of pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. (Fishery Technology). AcceptedTariq Hussain Bhat, Aman Hassan Mithilesh Kumar Chouksey, Amjad Khansaheb Balange &Binaya Bhusan NayakFishery Technology5.25
2016A study of Socio-Economic status of fisher communities in District Srinagar of Jammu & KashmirImtiyaz Qayoom, Nasir Hussain, Tariq Bhat, Masood H. Balkhi, Bilal A. Bhat.Indian Journal of Economics and Development, ISSN (online): 2320-98364 (7)4.82
2016Knowledge and adoption of fish farming practices by fish farmers of Indian Himalayas: District Ganderbal (Kashmir)G.B Wani, M.H. Balkhi, Sabina Darve, T.H. Bhat and Nasir Husain,Annals of Biology 32 (2)238-2414.08
2016Socio-economic status of fishermen in district Srinagar of Jammu and KashmirNasir Husain, M.H. Balkhi, T.H. Bhat and Shabir A. DarIRA-International Journal of Management & Social Sciences05(01) 66-70
2014Marketing system and price spread of common carp (Cyprinus carpio communis) in Srinagar district of Kashmir valley.Nasir Husain; Balkhi, M. H.; Wani, G. B.; Tariq Hussain,Annals of Agri Bio Research 2014 Vol.19 No.1 pp.102-104.
2013An Investigation on the Indigenous Method of Fish Drying in Bandipora District of Kashmir ValleyT. H. Bhat, Rizwana, M. H. Balkhi and Bilal Ahmad BhatJournal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences. 3(3) 1927-1932
2013Traditional ethnic jewellery of Kashmiri fisherwomenRizwana T. H. Bhat, M. H. Balkhi and Poonam Sharma“Ancestral knowledge in Agri-allied Science of India” Editors R. K Saha, D. Nath & H Saha ISBN: 978-93-83305-19-3
2010Quality Analysis of Commercially and Experimentally Sun Dried Fish, Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio communis)T.H Bhat, M. H Balkhi, Nasir Hussain and G.B WaniOriental Science Jammu and Kashmir15 (2)75-78
2009Effect of Mustard Oil Cake Based Diets on the Performance of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio communis) Fry AppliedT.H Bhat, M. H Balkhi and M.T BandayApplied Biological Research 11(2): 63-665.07
2009Use of soyabeen products in aquafeeds : a reviewT.H Bhat , M.H Balkhi and M.T BandayEngormix, 26.08.2009 page 1-7
2006Managing mycotoxins in AquafeedsM.T Banday and T.H BhatFishing chimes 26 (8) 47-48, 2006
2006Replacement of soyabean meal with mustard oil cake in the diets formulated for Common carp(Cyprinus carpio communis)T.H Bhat, M.H. Balkhi and M.T BandayOriental science 11(2) 61-65