Veterinary Clinical Complex

Research Infrastructure

Name Of LabLab FacilitiesMore Info
Mycoplasma LabPCR, pH Meter, Double Distillation Unit, ELISA Reader, Cooling Centrifuge, Freezer (-40°C) (Vertical), Draminsky, Air Conditioner, Gel Doc, Sonicator, Freezer (-40°C) (Horizontal), Refrigerator, Laminar Airflow, Shaking Incubator, Autoclave, Printer, Camera, Projector, Tripod Stand, Stereozome Microscope, Laborator Tables, Electrophoresis Unit, Western Blot Assembly, Hematology Analyser (+UPS), CCTV.Select
Stem Cell LabUltra-Deep Freezer -80, Co2 Incubator, AC, Laminar Hood Inverted Microscope, Thermal Cycler, Large & Small Centrifuge machines, Electrophoresis, Microwave OvenSelect
Assisted Reproductive Technology LabCO2 Incubator, Laminar Airflow, LN2 Containers, ACSelect
Diagnostic and Imaging CentreUltrasonography (USG), X-Ray ComputerizedSelect