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Shuhama, Alusteng

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Projects Externally Funded

YearTitle Of ProjectFunding AgencyTotal Budget In LacStatusMore Info
2007Screening and introgression of Fecundity B (FecB+) Gene for Augmenting Productivity in Kashmir SheepDBT7500000.00concludedSelect
2001Survey of Chiru (Panthalopushogdosni) in its habitat (on Indian side)Jointly funded Wildlife Dept. of J&K and SKUAST-K2100000.00concludedSelect
2007Survey, Conservation and Improvement of Pashmina Goat of LadakhICAR AP-Cess fund2700000.00concludedSelect
2019Artificial Intelligence Driven Sheep Farm Management Information cum Decision Support SystemDST, Lockheed Martin and TATA Trust110000.00concludedSelect
2017Mono-culturing of exotic sheep in J&K, Impact assessment using microsatellite markers for conservation geneticsDBT BioCare4000000.00ongoimgSelect
2019Exploring the genetic polymorphism of genes controlling growth and adaptability of Bakerwal Goat of Nomadic Tribe of J & K under Trans migratory systemCSIR1800000.00ongoimgSelect
2019Socio Economic Upliftment of sheep breeders through transfer technology in Temperate Himalayan Region of J & K.DBT7200000.00ongoimgSelect
2009A Value Chain on Enhanced Productivity and Profitability of Pashmina FibreICAR1243.03CompletedSelect
2013Expansion of Pashmina Goat Rearing to Non-traditional areas of KargilCWDB200.00CompletedSelect
2017Enhanacement of livelihood security of pashmina spinners through popularisation of Table Top Paddle Operated CharkhaDST-GoI18.20CompletedSelect
2020Optimisation of Processing Variables for the Quality Improvement of Ethnic Meat Products of Jammu and KashmirMoFPI-GoI28.16OngoingSelect
2000Processing of Wool/Hair for Value Added ProductsICAR22.26CompletedSelect
2020Evaluation of locally available phytogens as feed additivesDRDO24.86OngoingSelect
2014Poultry Seed ProjectICAR280.00OngoingSelect
2019Innovative Poultry-Horticulture Integrated Farming Systems for Optimum Resource Utilisation and Strengthening Rural LivelihoodsDBT29.00OngoingSelect
2019Propagation of elite backyard birds in enhancing egg production in rural areasNABARD8.00CompletedSelect
2012Role of epigenetic alteration in the pathogenesis of gastric carcinoma in Kashmiri population.ICMR33.00CompletedSelect
2013DNA analysis of ovine lymphocytes antigen system for parasitic resistance in sheep breeds of J&KDST24.06CompletedSelect
2018Genetic susceptibility to mastitis in cows, reared in temperate regions of Kashmir.DST58.00CompletedSelect
2019Population screening and identification of biomarkers for early detection and surveillance of gastric cancer in kashmiri population.ICMR56.00CompletedSelect
2015Star collegeDST48.00CompletedSelect
2018Assessment of Anti-cold stress effects of Nano-zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in Poultry birds and its implementation in field conditions in various districts of Kashmir valleyDST30.00OngoingSelect
2019Identification of Early Biomarkers of Functional Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in Rat model and their validation in human counterpartsICMR144.00OngoingSelect
2020Technological innovation and transfer of technology for poverty alleviation via mechanized formulation of poultry feed for tribal backyard poultry farmers by sustainable use of agricultural cum food residuesDST35.00OngoingSelect