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High Density Apple Plot at Shalimar Campus

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High Density Plantation

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Projects Externally Funded

YearTitle Of ProjectFunding AgencyTotal Budget In LacStatusMore Info
2018Biotech KISAN HubDepartment of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India190.00on -goingSelect
2020Expansion of activities of Biotech KISAN Hub into aspirational districts of Baramullah and KupwaraDepartment of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India90.00on -goingSelect
2022Elucidating Nutraceutical Properties of Traditional apple cultivars of Kashmir as potential functional foodJK DST9.20Recently sanctionedSelect
2021Fertigation scheduling in High Density Plantation of apple in Kashmir (India)IPI-Switzerland6.00Recently sanctionedSelect
2015Marker Assisted Selection for Breeding scab resistant and high quality applesDepartment of Biotechnology- Ministry of science and Technology- New Delhi48.36CompleteSelect
2014Creating models for high density orcharding in apple to harness high production and quality attributes for export.Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)48.00CompletedSelect
2014Revival of Grape Culture through Demonstration of Improved Propagation and Canopy Management Practices/TechniquesMission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)13.05CompletedSelect
2014Popularization of Kiwifruit cultivation in Kashmir valleyMission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)16.70CompletedSelect
2014Conservation and creation of germplasm repository of traditional, commercial and scab resistant cultivars of Kashmir HimalayasMission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)11.70CompletedSelect
2014Demonstration of effective Package of Practices for organic Production of StrawberryMission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)6.60CompletedSelect
2015Management of blackening of leaves in pearRKVY New Delhi4.11CompletedSelect
2014Refinement and demonstration on precise fertilizer management for enhancing yield, quality and better shelf life of apple.HTM, New Delhi20.56CompletedSelect
2013Enhancement of yield and quality of Almond through fertigation practices for Karewa lands of Kashmir ValleyUGC6.20CompletedSelect
2005Establishment of quality control cum leaf tissue analysis labAPEDA, New Delhi50.00CompletedSelect
2008Mass propagation of apple clonal rootstock through tissue cultureICAR20.00CompletedSelect
2001Water management including micro irrigation and fertigation in high density orchards od appleNATP30.00CompletedSelect
2000Clonal multiplication of apple rootstocks through tissue cultureICAR- New Delhi10.00CompletedSelect
2015Studies on Potassium Dynamics in Apple Crop Ecosystem of KashmirInt. Potash Inst. Switzerland14.00CompletedSelect
2014Horticultural crops research and technology development Dr. A.H.Pandit RKVY, New Delhi 03 yearsRKVY New Delhi10.00CompletedSelect
2021Development of descriptors for promoting DUS guidelines for knolkhol (Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes L.) indigenous to Kashmir regionPPVFRA18.00OngoingSelect
2017Economic empowerment of rural women through trainings on modern technologies of vegetable production” (SK-RKVY-Horti-10).RKVY4.00ongoingSelect
2020Production and Popularization of Temperate Spice Crops for Livelihood Security (Centrally Sponsored Scheme-MIDH).MIDH54.00ongoingSelect
2021Development of sustainable agriculture systems involving fruit, fodder crops and exotic vegetables for better livelihood option to farming community of Cold arid region Ladakh.DST45.00ongoingSelect
1990AICRIP PotatoICAR11926000.00ongoingSelect
1990AICRIP Vegetable CropsICAR5418000.00ongoingSelect
2020Establishment of Food Testing LaboratoryMinistry of Food Processing Industries73684000.00OngoingSelect
2004Improvement of Shelf Life of Apple Cultivars Red Delicious and Ambri for Promotion of Export TradeAPEDA140.00CompletedSelect
2015Creation of Infrastructure for HRD in Food Processing sponsored under National Mission in Food Processing by MoFPI through J&K SIDCOMoFPI75.00CompletedSelect
2012Harvest and Postharvest loss assessment of Major Crops and Commodities in IndiaMoFPI25.00CompletedSelect
2014Study on determining storage losses of food grains in FCI and CWC WarehousesFCI30.00CompletedSelect
2015Capacity building in postharvest management of walnuts through transfer of technologiesRKVY5.00CompletedSelect
2001All India Coordinated Research Project on Postharvest Engineering & Technology (AICRP on PHET)ICAR1000.00OngoingSelect
2018Integrated Pack HouseMIDH25.00CompletedSelect
2019Utilization of Chia Seeds for the development of functional foodsDBT19.00OngoingSelect
2018Enhancing the shelf life of fresh fruits by application of edible coatings containing nanoencapsulated bioactive compoundsDepartment of Biotechnology GOI2820000.00OngoingSelect
1990Utilization of chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) for the development of functional foodsDepartment of Biotechnology GOI19.00OngoingSelect
2006Standardisation of Integrated Nutrient Management for Saffron.Horticulture Mini-mission, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi, India.28.00Concluded in 2010Select
2013Resource Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS Approach.Rashtria Krishi Vikas Youjna (RKVY), Government of Jammu & Kashmir (GoJK), Srinagar, J&K, India.28.00Completed in 2019Select
1991Economic Appraisal of Agro- Forestry Systems in KashmirICAR2.00CompletedSelect
1995Analysis of the genetic Resources of Goats in Kashmir. Part II-A EconomicsGerman Research Foundation5.00CompletedSelect
2003System Oriented Socio-Economic Assessment of Transitions in Hill AgricultureICAR (NATP)6.00CompletedSelect
2004Socio-Economic Survey of Farmers in North-Western Indian HimalayasICAR (NATP)11.00CompletedSelect
2004Livestock Crop Production System Analysis for Sustainable ProductionICAR (NDRI)6.00CompletedSelect
2005Research Priority setting in SaffronICAR5.00CompletedSelect
2007Production and Marketing of Pashmina in the Cold Arid Region of J&K –Implications Towards Livelihood.ICAR11.00CompletedSelect
2009Visioning Policy Analysis and Gender (V-PAGe)ICAR18.35CompletedSelect
2010Enhancement of Livelihood Security Through Sustainable Farming Systems and Related Farm Enterprises in North-West HimalayaICAR500.00CompletedSelect
2011Prospects of Livestock Enterprise for Livelihood Security in J&KUGC5.00CompletedSelect
2012Economic Survey of Structure, Performance, Potential and Competitiveness of Agro-Processing Industry in J&KUGC6.50CompletedSelect
2012Study of Rural Credit and its Impact on Agricultural Growth and Sustainable Livelihood in J&KUGC7.50CompletedSelect
2012Fruit Economy Linkages and its Role in Employment Generation and Rural Upliftment in Jammu and KashmirHorti. Mini-Mission21.00CompletedSelect
2012Transformation of Rural Economy in J&KICSSR5.25CompletedSelect
2014Formulation of C-DAPs and C-SAP for J&KRKVY, GoJK12.00CompletedSelect
2017Network Project on Market IntelligenceICAR-NIAP40.00CompletedSelect
2017Network Project on Impact Assessment of Agricultural Research and DevelopmentICAR-NIAP20.00CompletedSelect
2018S&T Interventions in Agriculture and Allied Sectors for Strengthening LivelihoodDST22.00CompletedSelect
2019Mapping Adoption of Improved Varieties & their Management in J&KIFPRI20.00CompletedSelect
2020Policy Imperatives for Promoting Value Chains of Agricultural Commodities in IndiaICAR-NIAP35.00On-goingSelect
2020Network Project on Market Intelligence –Phase IIICAR-NIAP80.00Sanctioned (Funds Awaited)Select
2019New Age Himalayan Farmers & EntrepreneursFAO- IMI1.00CompletedSelect
2001Reproductiive Biology of Aconitum heterophyllum & Podophyllum hexandrum- two Rare & Threatened Medicinal herbs of Kashmir Himalayas (Collaborative project)DST17.00ConcludedSelect
2002Development of Agrotechniques of Some Important Medicinal Plants of Kashmir HimalayasDeptt. Of I.S.M. Ministry of Health & FW, Govt. of India, New Delhi15.50ConcludedSelect
2003Exploration, Evaluation, Conservation and Documentation of Plant Biodiversity (Collaborative Project)ICAR/NATP17.50ConcludedSelect
2004Conservation & Multiplication of Endangered Medicinal Plants Diversity of Kashmir HimalayasDBT, Govt. of India, New Delhi19.80ConcludedSelect
2004Commercialization of Medicinal & Aromatic PlantsICAR/NATP14.98ConcludedSelect
2005Standardization of production technology of Tulip under protection conditions in KashmirICAR/NATP32.00ConcludedSelect
2006Standardization and transfer of improved production technology of some important bulbous cut flower cropsICAR19.91ConcludedSelect
2007Standardization of assortments of dried flower products and flower CraftsICAR19.91ConcludedSelect
2006Standardization of production technology of RoseICAR22.50ConcludedSelect
2006Optimization of production technology of LiliumICAR15.70ConcludedSelect
2008Commercialization of Narcissus(Daffodils)ICAR28.50ConcludedSelect
2008Production and popularization of commercial cultivars of Lilium, Alstroemeria for cut flower productionICAR8.00ConcludedSelect
2008Standardization of Production Technology of Tulip for Commercial Bulb Production under outdoor conditions in KashmirICAR20.00ConcludedSelect
2009Development of pre and post harvest management technologies for Narcissus (Daffodils)DST17.76ConcludedSelect
2010Production and forcing of bulbs in LiliumICAR18.67ConcludedSelect
2014Entrepreneurship development of flowering bulbous crops in Ladakh region of Jammu & KashmirDST28.14ConcludedSelect
2013Development of new cultivars in ornamentals through in vitro mutagensisDBT, Govt. of India, New Delhi40.00ConcludedSelect
2017Livelihood Improvement and Empowerment of Rural Poor through Quality Bulb Production in Cut flowers Under Temperate Condition of Kashmir ValleyNMHS44.25ConcludedSelect
2015Training Cum Demonstration on Nano Technological and Precision Farming Intervention For Elite Tulip And Hyacinth Bulb Production For Economic Up-liftment In Rural KashmirDBT, Govt. of India, New Delhi30.00ConcludedSelect
2018Standardization of Post- Harvest technology of Cut- flowersDBT, Govt. of India, New Delhi8.00ConcludedSelect
2017Use of Dal Weed as a Source of Nutrient Medium for the Growth and Yield of Gladiolus, Tulip and LillumDST53.01ConcludedSelect
2017A study from Kashmir valley on status and prevalence of biochemical deficiency of thiamine in breast fed infants with encephalopathy and in their lactating mothersICMR, N Delhi39.50CompletedSelect
2018Bacterial endophyte community dynamics in apple cultivars: its impact on scab prevalence in Kashmir valley.DST, GOI27.90CompletedSelect