Aquatic Animal Health & Management


Projects Externally Funded

YearTitle Of ProjectP.I.Funding AgencyTotal Budget In LacStatus
2008Study on Antiparasitic Immunity of schizothorax spp. With special emphasis on Immunoprophylaxis.Dr. Feroz A. ShahSERB Fast Tract Young Scientist DST13.50Completed
2014National surveillance programme for aquatic animal diseaseDr. Feroz A. ShahNFDB76.93Ongoing
2015Setting up of Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Management Laboratory in Jammu and KashmirDr. Feroz A. ShahICAR, NFDB39.22submitted
2017Molecular screening, cell culture based isolation and characterization of fin fish and shell fish viruses and establishment of National repositoryDr. Feroz A. ShahDBT, Ministry of Science and Technology GoI108.00Continuing
2020Establishment of Referral Lab. Funded by NFDBDr. Feroz A. ShahNFDB0.00Sanctioned
2020Niche area of excellance in Aquatic Animal Helath managementDr. Feroz A. ShahICAR GoI0.00submitted
2020Development of lateral Flow ImmunoAssay for diagnosis of Aeromoniasis in fishDr. Feroz A. ShahDBT BIG Scheme In collaboration with IIT Kanpu0.00submitted