Veterinary Clinical Complex

Projects Externally Funded

YearTitle Of ProjectP.I.Funding AgencyTotal Budget In LacStatus
2017Techno interventions for tribal improvement through mycoplasmosis vaccination in sheep and goatDr. Mohammad Iqbal YatooSERB DST40.78ongoing
2017Technnological Intervension for the Proplyletic and Therapeutic management of Contagens Caprine Pleuropnemonic (CCPP) in Pashmina Goats.Dr. Mohammad Iqbal YatooSERB DST33.68On going
2019Technological interventions for socio-economic upliftment of rural dairy farming women-An initiative for development of model villages with least mastitisDr. Mohammad Iqbal YatooSEED DST29.16On going
2019Cultured Allogenic Mesenchymal Stem Cell Application In Selected Veterinary Clinical Disorders Vis-À-Vis Preclinical Studies In Artificially Induced Lab Animal ModelsDr. Mudasir Bashir GugjooSERB DST48.10Completed
2019Oocyte vitrification for long term preservation of important animal genetic resources of temperate Himalayas.Dr. Khursheed Ahmad SofiSERB-DST46.85Completed