Animal Biotechnology

Projects Externally Funded

YearTitle Of ProjectP.I.Funding AgencyTotal Budget In LacStatus
2013Human resource development Programme (HRD) for M.V.Sc Animal BiotechnologyDr. Nazir A GanaiDBT146.00Completed
2015Elucidating the mechanisms of Pashmina Fibre development: An Omics approachDr. Nazir A GanaiICAR (NASF)294.00Completed
2016Mammary Gland Specific Transcriptional Profiling of Kashmiri Cattle and its Jersey cross for milk Quality and yield traitsDr. S. Mudasir AndrabiDBT50.00Completed
2014Use of actin affecting drugs to dissect the role of SNTA1-Rac1 signalling pathway in human breast cancer cell linesDr. Hina Fayaz BhatDST85.00Completed
2013Bioinformatics Infrastructural FacilityDr. S Mudasir AndrabiDBT140.00Completed
2016Proteome identification of binding partners of SNTA1 protein in human breast cell lines.Dr. Hina Fayaz BhatSERB (DST)48.00Completed
2017Generation of a genetically-stable live vaccine candidate against infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV)through mutagen-driven lethal mutagenesis"Dr. Nadeem ShabirSERB (DST)41.00Completed
2017Analysis of the mechanistic regulations of SNTA1/p66Shc interaction on cytoskeletal organization and migration in breast carcinoma cellsDr. Sehar SaleemDST103.00Completed
2018Use of foldscope for determining the annual growth cycle and fibre (PHF:SHF) ratio of Cashmere fiber in Pashmina Goats of Jammu and Kashmir.Dr. Hina Fayaz BhatIndo-US-DBT Alliance8.00Completed
2019Regulating reversion to virulence in live-attenuated Infectious Bronchitis virus vaccine by enhancing its genetic stabilityDr. Nadeem ShabirWELLCOME TRUST -Alliance DBT158.00Ongoing
2020Generation and in vivo development of FGF5 disrupted Pashmina goat embryo through gene editing techniqueDr. Riaz A ShahSERB (DST)58.00Ongoing
2021Production of Double muscled-mass farm animals using CRISPRDr. Riaz A ShahICAR (NASF)367.00Ongoing
2018Transcriptome profiling of Kashmiri Vs commercial poultry for disease resistance against Salmonellosis.Dr. S. Mudasir AndrabiSERB (DST)60.20Completed
2022Development of Recombinant Lactic acid bacteria based vaccine for Salmonellosis in poultryDr. S. Mudasir AndrabiSERB (DST)44.50Ongoing
2022Exosomes derived from mesenchymal stem cells in combination with biomaterials: A potential therapeutic approach for tissue regeneration in dairy cows with subclinical and clinical mastitisDr. S. Mudasir AndrabiDBT87.00Ongoing
2022Epigenetic changes to MAPK in response to actin modulation: Implications on the Alpha-1-Syntrophin mediated signalling pathway in mammalian carcinoma cellsDr. Sehar SaleemSERB (DST)73.00Ongoing
2010Molecular characterization of fish fauna of Kashmir and Ladakh for taxonomical studies.Dr. S Mudasir AndrabiDST50.00Completed