Animal Genetics & Breeding

Projects Externally Funded

YearTitle Of ProjectP.I.Funding AgencyTotal Budget In LacStatus
2007Screening and introgression of Fecundity B (FecB+) Gene for Augmenting Productivity in Kashmir SheepProf TAS GanaiDBT7500000.00concluded
2001Survey of Chiru (Panthalopushogdosni) in its habitat (on Indian side)Prof TAS GanaiJointly funded Wildlife Dept. of J&K and SKUAST-K2100000.00concluded
2007Survey, Conservation and Improvement of Pashmina Goat of LadakhProf TAS GanaiICAR AP-Cess fund2700000.00concluded
2019Artificial Intelligence Driven Sheep Farm Management Information cum Decision Support SystemDr Ambreen Hamadani (Student Innovator)DST, Lockheed Martin and TATA Trust110000.00concluded
2017Mono-culturing of exotic sheep in J&K, Impact assessment using microsatellite markers for conservation geneticsDr Nusrat Nabi (PI, DBT BioCare)DBT BioCare4000000.00ongoimg
2019Exploring the genetic polymorphism of genes controlling growth and adaptability of Bakerwal Goat of Nomadic Tribe of J & K under Trans migratory systemDr Saba Bukhari (CSIR-RA)CSIR1800000.00ongoimg
2019Socio Economic Upliftment of sheep breeders through transfer technology in Temperate Himalayan Region of J & K.Dr Syed ShanazDBT7200000.00ongoimg