Social Science


Lectures Delivered

YearLecture TitleScientist NameEvent Name OrganiserMore Info
2020Making marketing a process of women empowermentDr. S. H. BabaCapacity building programme for officers of line depts. and scientists of SKUAST-KMANAGE and SAMETI, SKUAST-KSelect
2020Where does J&K appears in an electronic marketing space Dr. S. H. Baba Capacity building programme for VLWs, Association leaders and Progressive farmers Ministry of Agricultural and Farmers welfare and KVK, SKUAST-K, BudgamSelect
2020Linking stakeholders through electronic market space: Towards joining eNAMDr. S. H. BabaCapacity building programme for Officers of Directorate of Horticulture, GoJK, Officers of Directorate of Horticulture P&MDirectorate of Horticulture P&M, GoJKSelect
2020Portraying fisheries sector in J&K: Emerging imperativesDr. S. H. BabaStudents-Scientists interface at CoFS, JAU, VeravalFoFy, SKUAST-K and CoFS, JAU at VeravalSelect
2020Fishing and fish farming: Socio-ecological implicationsDr. S. H. BabaStudents-Corporate-Scientists interface at NAU, NavsariFoFy, SKUAST-K and CoF, NAU, NavsariSelect
2019Entrepreneurship development in fisheries sector: An economic appraisal Dr. S. H. BabaCapacity building programme for progressive fishers and fish farmersFoFy, SKUAST-K, Rangil Select
2018Institutional interventions for the sustenance of fisheries sector in J&KDr. S. H. BabaCapacity building programme for Officers of line Depts. GoJKIMPA, SrinagarSelect