Faculty of Fisheries


Certificate course

The 6-month certificate course offered at Faculty of Fisheries imparts hands-on training to the trainees on different aspects of ornamental fisheries like fabrication of aquaria,breeding of ornamental fish, their proper rearing, feeding, management as well as development of entrepreneurship skills in this trade.

Overview of the certificate course conducted:

Ornamental fish production is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Initially, considered as an expensive hobby in the developed countries, it has recently gained impetus in developing countries too. The growing interest in aquarium fishes has resulted in steady increase in aquarium fish trade globally. The industry has been estimated to be worth around 15 billion USD globally. India's share in ornamental fish trade is estimated to be less than 1% of the global trade. The major part of the export trade is based on wild collection. There is very good domestic market too, which is mainly based on domestically bred exotic species. The overall domestic trade in this industry is reportedly growing at the rate of 20% annually. The earning potential of this sector has hardly been understood and the same is not being exploited in a technology driven manner. Considering the relatively simple techniques involved, this activity has the potential to create substantial employment opportunities, besides earning foreign exchange. Ornamental fisheries is yet to take off at a desired pace in Jammu and Kashmir.

Course Coordinator:

Dr Tasaduq H. Shah, Associate Prof., Division of Fisheries Resource Management, Faculty of Fisheries, Rangil, Ganderbal. Mob no. 9796536677 Email:tasaduqshah@skuastkashmir.ac.in