Faculty of Fisheries


Advisory For Fish Farmers

  1. Use oxygen cylinder while transporting fish seed for better survival.
  2. Give KMNO4 bath to of fish seed for 5-10 minutes prior to stocking in pond.
  3. Stock your raceways/ponds with fingerlings. Start feeding them with standard starter feed-1 @ 5% of body weight. At this stage juveniles should be fed 4-6 times a day. In case of trout finely crushed boiled eggs and goat liver can be given at intervals to add to vigor.
  4. In rainy season fish is susceptible to microbial attack so clean your raceways regularly (After 15 day intervals) and give regular salt baths to your stock
  5. Ensure proper oxygenation of water. Temperature of water should not exceed 18 degree C throughout the year
  6. Water testing of your pond is important before stocking.
  7. In case of any disease outbreak take help from experts.