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Overview of Fish Hospital                                                                                           Virtual tour of Fish Hospital (Click here)

With a view towards doubling the income of fish farmers of J&K and other hill states of India, various measures were initiated by the scientists of Faculty of Fisheries, SKUAST-K which among others included establishment of Aqua-clinics (fish hospital) the first of its kind in the state of J&K.

Based on the extensive survey conducted during 2013-2014 by Scientists of Aquatic Animal Health Management across Jammu & Kashmir state including Ladakh region in which more than 250 fish farms were surveyed. About 1200 samples were screened for various diseases. More than 10 fish disease caused by bacterial, fungal and parasitic agents were seen to inflict huge losses to the fish farmers. After identifying aetiology and pattern of diseases, remedial measures were prescribed to the stakeholders. On farm trainings, awareness programmes and workshops were conducted for stakeholders in which hands on training was provided to reduce farm losses. As a result diseases incidence was brought down to considerable level in next two years.

Following important steps were taken for better reach out:

  1. Fish health cards were distributed to progressive fish farmers.
  2. Regular active fish disease surveillance was conducted across the state.
  3. “Fish Health Application” Android App was launched in the month of May 2018 for the benefit of stake holders in remote/inaccessible areas of the state in particular and country in general.

Due to increasing demand of stake holders, Aqua-clinics (Fish Hospital) was started during the month of May 2018 with the main function to:

  1. Observe behaviour and treat morbid fish admitted.
  2. Identify aetiology of disease with advanced tools.
  3. To conduct drug trials for pathogens detected.
  4. To conduct proper diagnosis of disease according to international standards.
  5. Preparedness for combating any new latent disease outbreak due to global warming.
Facilities Available:
  1. Aqua-clinics; fish acclimatization tank, 20 glass tanks for different treatments.
  2. Fish ponds/raceways for field trials.
  3. Advanced fish pathology Lab. with level-III diagnostic equipments.
  4. Fish Microbiology Lab.
  5. State of Art cell culture facility for development of new cell line of Himalayan cold water fishes.

Procedure of admitting and treatment of fish etc:

  1. Stakeholders facing fish mortality/morbidity can contact the aqua-clinics either by Android app (Fish Health App) or by phone or they can directly come to Faculty of Fisheries, along with morbid fish. The procedure of bringing live fish to Faculty of Fisheries can be told to stakeholder telephonically
  2. Three level diagnostic procedures are being followed to evaluate the aetiology of diseases of fish samples admitted in clinic.
  3. Three types of formats available at the clinics are used to maintain complete data of admitted fish samples
  4. After gross exam and diagnostic procedures. The farmers are being provided appropriate medical advices.
  5. Fish disease surveillance:  Active and passive fish disease surveillance is being regularly conducted by the team of fish health experts. So for 300 fish farmers have been registered under active surveillance programme with the AAHM division.
  6. On field awareness programmes, farmer-scientist interaction programmes are being regularly conducted by the experts of Faculty of Fisheries.
  7. Workshops and other hands on training programmes are regularly being organised by the Faculty for the benefit of stake holders.
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