Faculty of Fisheries


Educational Institution all across the world are implementing different Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of different academic, administrative, research and extension related activities. Nowadays the process of learning has included learning using different means of Information & Communication Technology has become a new norm which has resulted in rapid increase in the investments made by different educational institutions in ICT and related services. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a very helpful tool for providing good governance to the Faculty and its associated Divisions which brings change in the working of an Educational Institution.

The ICT Lab was established in 2013 as a constituent unit of Dean’s office of Faculty of Fisheries, SKUAST-K in order to establish a platform where the students in general and faculty members in particular will leverage from the investments made in establishment of the unit. The main focus of ICT lab at Faculty of Fisheries is to help students in understanding a technology in order to ignite them to apply the ICT as a facilitator in their corresponding domains.