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  Examination and Evaluation Process  

Postgraduate Degree Programme

            For M.V.Sc and PhD programmes, evaluation is done semester wise as per ICAR norms.  The evaluation of courses is being carried out on 10-point scale of grading at post-graduate levels. The scoring of minimum OGPA of 7.000/10.000 at the postgraduate level is mandatory for successful completion of degree programme. The examination system consists of Quiz I (5.0), Midterm (20.0), Quiz II (5.0), End term (45.0) and Practicals (25.0) marks with total maximum marks out of 100.0.

The Dean of the Faculty, co-ordinates the entire postgraduate programmes. The Dean constitutes an Advisory Committee of postgraduate students based on the proposal of the respective Head of the Division. The Dean approves the plan of work of each post-graduate student including research project undertaken by the student for the degree programme. The appointment of external examiner for qualifying examination and final


for every postgraduate student is also approved by the Dean. However, the Vice-Chancellor is the approving authority for External Examiners for PhD Students. The Registrar on the recommendations of the Dean of faculty issues the result notification.

The Advisory Committee constituted for each student is drawn from different Divisions/Research Stations depending on the area of investigation in the respective discipline. Inter-campus movement is also allowed to the student for the conduct of research by utilizing the expertise and infrastructural facilities available. Inter-disciplinary approach in the post-graduate programme is allowed and student takes courses as suggested by the advisory committee.

For Masters and Doctoral degree programmes the course curriculum and credit requirements are strictly followed as per the ICAR’s BSMA committee regulations of 2009.  For Master’s degree a student has to complete a minimum 40 credit hours of course work and minimum of 20 credit hours of research work and obtain an OGPA of not less than 7.00/10.00 point scale of grading calculated on the basis of all courses taken. For Doctoral degree, the student has to complete successfully a minimum of 30 credit hours of course work and a minimum of 45 credit hours of research work.

Every student admitted to the Postgraduate degree programme in the University is required to submit a thesis towards partial fulfilment of the requirements for award of degree Post-graduate degree programme. The thesis of the student should be of such a nature as to indicate the student’s potentiality for conducting research. The thesis shall be on a topic falling within the field of major subject and shall be the result of the student’s own work. A certificate to this effect duly endorsed by the Professor/Head and the Major Advisor of the student shall accompany the thesis at the time of submission for evaluation by the external examiner(s).