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Examination and Evaluation Process

B.V.Sc & A.H. degree programme external assessment system on 50:50 basis as per the norms of the Veterinary Council of India has been adopted for students from the batch admitted from Academic Session 2003. But from the academic year 2016-17, the VCI regulations 2016 have been adopted. The evaluation of courses is being carried out on 10-point scale of grading at both undergraduate levels. The scoring of minimum OGPA of 6.000/10.000 at the undergraduate level is mandatory for successful completion of degree programme.

Undergraduate Degree Programme                                       

            From the academic year 2016-17, the VCI regulations 2016 have been adopted and followed strictly in the faculty. As per these regulations, examination shall be to assess whether the student has been able to achieve a level of competence and for academic assessment, evaluation of practical aspects of the curriculum shall receive much greater emphasis leading to separate examinations and requiring the student to secure a minimum of 50% marks, in theory as well as in practical, in each such examination. The weightage of theory and practical shall be in the ratio of 60:40 respectively. The schedule of examination during Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry course consists of three internal assessments followed by the annual examinations.

            For a perticular course, the weightage for the Internal Assessments is 20 Marks as two best are considered out of the three assessments while as the weightage for the annual examination is 40 Marks.  The Practical examination is being conducted by an Board of Examiners  appointed by the Dean with members of the concerned  Division along with one examiner nominated the Dean of the faculty.  The weightage for the Practical examinations is 40 Marks. At the end of each academic year the instructors concerned convey these grades (in the prescribed proforma) through the Head of the Department to the Dean who in turn sends the same to the Registrar.

Evaluation of Internees: The final assessment of each intern shall be based upon the evaluation of log book or project report, his or her performance reports from all the minimum prescribed training postings, entrepreneurial output, clinical case reports and their presentation, viva and comprehensive examination in core competence in veterinary skills through a written test by an Evaluation Committee comprising of the faculty representing the concerned departments appointed by the Dean for this purpose. The minimum pass marks in internship assessment shall be 50 out of 100. After successful completion of Internship, the Dean shall then issue the certificate of satisfactory completion of internship training as prescribed by the Veterinary Council of India.

General Regulations & Course Curricula (UG BVSc & AH)