Faculty of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry

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The Faculty of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry is a vibrant faculty within SKUAST-Kashmir imparting high quality education, enhancing productivity of livestock, animal product technologies, conducting cross cutting research to develop new technologies and processes to increase milk, meat, eggs and value addition of these vital food products. The most salient feature of FVSc has been creating an environment for teaching and research which is focused on continued professional development of its staff, post graduate students, research scholars and supporting staff through capacity building programs, foreign and indigenous doctoral studies, Post doctoral fellowship programmes short term training programs, development and research projects.

The FVSc offers BVSc (5 ½) Year, MVSc (2) Year & PhD (3) Year courses.

  • The duration of B.V.Sc. & A.H is of five and half years including a compulsory rotating internship of one year duration.
  • The duration of MVSc is of two years including thesis research.
  • The duration of PhD programme is of 3 years including thesis research.

The course curriculum is as per the recommendation of Veterinary Council of India.




Specialized Laboratories

Animal Biotechnology

M.V.Sc (2012)

PhD (2014)

Genomics Lab.; Embryo Biotech. Lab.; Cell Culture Lab.; Bioinformatics Lab.; Sterilization/ Cold Room

Animal Genetics & Breeding

M.V.Sc (1993)

PhD (2008)

Genotyping Lab.; Animal Genomics Lab.; Population Genetics Lab

Animal Nutrition

M.V.Sc (1993)

PhD (2012)

Feed Analysis lab.; Mineral testing lab.

Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology & Obstetrics

M.V.Sc (1993)

PhD (2014)

Gynaecology lab.; Endryology lab.; Obstetrics lab.; Artificial Insemination center

Livestock Production & Management


M.V.Sc (2007)

PhD (2012)

UG lab.; PG lab.; Hatchery Facilities; Poultry farms.

Poultry Science

M.V.Sc (2012)

PhD (2012)

Livestock Products Technology

M.V.Sc (1997)

PhD (2014)

Milk and milk Products Technology Lab.; Meat and Meat Products Technology Lab.; Wool and pashmina quality evaluation  Lab.; Experimental Slaughter house; Meat Processing Plant; Dehairing Unit

Veterinary Anatomy and Histology

M.V.Sc (2011)



Gross Anatomy Lab.; Histology & Embryology Lab.; Anatomy museum

Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension

M.V.Sc (2014)



Audio visual laboratory

Veterinary Biochemistry

M.V.Sc (2012)

PhD (2014)

Molecular Biology Lab.; Clinical Biochemistry laboratory

Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics & Jurisprudence

M.V.Sc (1993)

PhD (2012)

Endoscopy Lab.; Clinical Diagnostic Lab.

Veterinary Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine

M.V.Sc (1993)



Disease Diagnosis laboratory

ECG laboratory

Veterinary Microbiology

M.V.Sc (1993)

PhD (2005)

Virology Lab.; Bacteriology Lab.-I & II; Cell Culture Lab.; Molecular biology lab.; Media preparation & Sterilization Lab.

Veterinary Parasitology

M.V.Sc (1998)

PhD (2014)

Immuno- and Molecular Parasitology Lab.; Helminthology Lab.; Entomology & Acarology Lab.; PG Lab

Veterinary Pathology


M.V.Sc (2006)

PhD (2008)

Molecular Pathology Lab.; Histopathology Lab.; Clinical Pathology Lab.; Infectious Disease / Avian Pathology Lab.; Necropsy Lab.; Registry of Pathology and Museum; Photomicrogrophic Lab.; Microscopy Laboratory

Vet Pharmacology and Toxicology


UG Laboratory; Research Laboratory

Veterinary Physiology


Climatology / Musculo-skeletal/ Urinary physiology Lab.; Digestive, Neurology and Reproductive physiology Lab. Molecular physiology

Veterinary Public Health


M.V.Sc (1993)

PhD (2008)

Microbiological Lab.; Molecular Microbiology Lab.; Cell Culture Lab.; Sterilization Lab.

Veterinary Surgery & Radiology

M.V.Sc (1993)

PhD (2005)

Radiology lab.; Ultrasonography / ECG  Lab.; Physiotherapy Lab.; Small Animal Operation Theatre


Central Computer lab.

Internet facilities to whole Campus (Wired, Wireless) with a bandwidth of 80 Mbps

Veterinary Clinics

In/ Out patient facility; Operation theater for large and small animals; Class room ; Diagnostic Imaging Center with Radiography, USG, Laparoscopy, & Endoscopy Labs.; Clinical Pathology Lab; Clinical Biochemistry Lab; Clinical Microbiology Lab.; Clinical Parasitology Lab.; Ophthalmology Lab.; Museum; Library; Class rooms (2 No); Conference Hall (Capacity 450 seats)

Animal Birth Control Facility

Operation theatre; Post operative care units; Dog kennels; Seminar Hall; Living room for Resident Doctors (2, one each for ladies & gents).

Mountain Research Centre for Sheep and Goat

Sheep sheds (capacity 1000 heads); Sheep breeds including Corriedale, Poled Dorset, Karakul, Changluk, Bakerwal, Kashmir Merino  and crosses; Goat shed housing Bakarwal, Pashmina, crosses and boer goats; Equines and Rabbitory.

Mountain Livestock Research Institute

Cattle farm with total live stock 133(16 male & 117 female) purebred jersey 52  (10 male & 42 female) Crossbred Jersey 50 (3 male & 47 female) Crossbred holistine 21  (3 male & 18 female) Crossbred Jersey holistine 10 (all females) ; Staff Quarters (9); Land for fodder development ; Fodder cafeteria; Feed mill; Vermicomposting facility; Silage making facility; Milk processing plant

Class Rooms

Total 7 for UG including 4 Smart Class Rooms; PG class rooms in all Divisions; 3 Seminar rooms & a Convocation Hall.

Faculty Library

Resources: Text books-7500; Ref. Books-2000; Current Periodicals-20; Periodical Back files-15000; Theses-250; Reviews and advances-4; Reports-135; CDROM Databases-7


The alumni of F.V.Sc. & A.H., SKUAST-Kashmir have excellent performance as professionals, in academics as well as administration.

  • Placement: Development Departments (Sheep Husbandry; Animal Husbandry); Educational Institutions at National and International Level; Private Sector (Banks, Pharmaceutical Companies, Poultry Industry, etc); Administrative Services (IAS; KAS)
  • Performance
    • The institution hold pride of producing two eminent scientists: R.A.Shah, who graduated from this institution, produced world’s first buffalo clone and first pashmina clone; and Dr. N.A. Wani, who acquired graduation and post-graduation from this institution, produced world’s first camel clone.
    • The graduates from F.V.Sc. &A.H. have consecutively shown excellent performance in ICAR examination for masters and secured placements in top national institutions.
    • Dr Ambreen Hamdani (PhD Scholar) is a winner of university challenge 2019(Indian Innovation growth programme 2.0)


  1. Clinical Services: The institution provides clinical services through Veterinary Clinical Services Complex and Clinical camps
  2. Diagnostic Services: On-campus and off-campus diagnostic services are being provided by using traditional and modern diagnostic facilities.
  3. Training Programmes: The institution regularly organizes training programmes for field veterinarians and paravet staff; farmers in animal management; artisans in product and by-product technology; unemployed youth for entrepreneurship development; etc.
  4. Provision of germ plasm and livestock/poultry units: Under different schemes/ projects livestock and poultry units are being provided to farmers for their economic upliftment e.g. pashmina goats in traditional and non-traditional areas of ladakh; FecB Rams for increased fecundity in sheep; Backyard poultry;  etc .
  5. Transfer of technology: Technological advancements in different areas is transferred to stake holders for benefit of the farming community. In case of available financial assistance from different funding agencies, same is channelized to stakeholders directly or through NGOs e.g. Kid shelters and portable dipping tanks in Changthang Ladakh (ICAR); Improvised charkhas for pashmina spinning (DST).
  6. Radio/TV Talks: Scientists of the Faculty regularly deliver radio and TV talks on topic of current relevance


  • Animal Biotechnology: Pashmina goat was successfully cloned using hand guided nuclear transfer technique.
  • Animal Production: Introgression of Fec B gene in sheep (Increasing lambing ratio to 1.5); horizontal expansion of Pashmina production upto Kargil; preservation of ram spermatozoa/ semen at 4° C, Therapeutic management of true anaestrus cattle.
  • Animal Management: Computer softwares for breeders viz. “Farmman 1.00” “Sheepman” ; Characterization of Bakerwal, Karna, Gurez, Changthani and Purgi sheeps.
  • Animal Health: Development of Vaccines for Sheep Pox, Listeriosis. and foot rot vaccine; identification of hitherto unknown diseases/Pathogens in the area viz. Linguatula, Tetrameres, sheep associated MCF, Caprine Arthritis; charted out emerging drug resistance among parasites and strategies for breaking the resistance; Molecular and Virulence characterization of important foodborne and Zoonotic pathogens; and protocol for clinical management of Mastitis with minimal antibiotic use
  • Technology: Molecular techniques for detecting falcification in pashmina fabric and meat / meat products of different species of animals; development of area specific feed blocks from non-traditional feed materials; use of apple pomace as replacement for maize in animal & poultry feed.
  • Post-Harvest-Technologies: Development of Improvised tools viz. improvised comb, paddle operated charkha, warping system, and handloom, for processing of pashmina fibre and fabric.