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Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry a constituent unit of SKUAST- Kashmir came into existence in 1984 with the objective of addressing the much needed requirement of producing trained graduates and post graduates in the field of veterinary and animal husbandry. The teaching, Research and extension in Veterinary and Animal Sciences thus evolved as the three strong pillars of the institution, the fourth being represented by the constant resolve of the faculty to excel despite all odds.

I’m honored to be a part of this system of rich traditions of uncompromised and dedicated efforts being religiously followed here with a view to cultivating some of the finest veterinary professionals and research minds. At FVSc & AH we prepare and fashion our students to become leaders with the moral integrity, intellectual intensity and an innate urge necessary to meet the challenges at a time of critical transition in the society.

Our approved academic programs include Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc & AH) at undergraduate level, Masters of Veterinary Sciences (MVSc) at the post-graduate level and we have Doctoral level programs (PhD) across the various disciplines.

We have a reputation of being a Centre of Research based learning where students and teachers put their heads together to answer some of the most pressing and challenging questions faced in the field today, in order to contribute to the development of the society. We have proved our mettle at national as well as international levels at several fora via demonstrating our competence and capability to do what most of others cannot. The cloning of Pashmina goat and vaccine development against Foot rot disease in sheep are some of the glowing examples of our achievements. In addition to to this our faculty has maintained its profile at around first two positions at all India level insofar as the bagging of fellowships is concerned. Our pass outs have been placed conveniently in various organisations that include Development Departments, Civil Services, Banks, Research Institutions, Pharma Industry, Livestock food industry and NGO,s etc. Their disciplined approach and consistently remarkable contribution has oftentimes helped our other pass outs being favourites among various employers.

Located in the hill skirts of beautiful mountains of Shuhama,Alusteng, Ganderbal, our campus reflects a picturesque landscape that mesmerizes the beholders. This serine atmosphere together with the inbuilt tranquility of the site makes FVSC & AH an ideal place for studying and research.

Our Faculty & students are actively engaged in academic and research activities that make an impact on the quality of animal health in our region and beyond.

Our internationally renowned faculty is always focused on students' success. The teachers are dedicated to bringing real life experiences into the classroom, Labs and clinical settings to enhance the learning outcomes of the students.

Our admission process is competitive, wherein we only accept highly meritorious students for admission in B.V.Sc.& AH, MVSc & PhD courses. The candidates for admission are selected solely on the basis of merit through University Entrance Test.

I earnestly invite you to explore our University website to learn more about our programs, research activities, to discover more about our faculty, staff and students.

We encourage you to stay connected with us.

Prof (Dr) Mohammad Tufail Banday                                                                                                                                                Dean, Faculty of Vet. Sciences & AH                                                                                                                        SK University of Agricultural Sciences & Tech of Kashmir,                                                                                    Shuhama (Alusteng) Campus, Srinagar-190006 (India)                                                                                                      Mobile:  +91-941-942-9988, 914-942-5254  Tele/fax: 91-194-2262207