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The wastes generated (chemicals, biological) from most of the Divisions of the faculty are being disposed by the process of deep burial method. Biomedical wastes are generated on daily basis at our Referral hospital of Veterinary Clinical Complex. The wastes are collected in different coloured plastic dustbins and then disposed of by deep burial method. However, one incinerator has been proposed at the new post-mortem hall which will be ready in the future.

Colour Coding of containers used for collection and their disposal at Veterinary Clinic

Colour Coding

Type of waste



Animal Dressing materials: Gauze, cotton, discarded ointments & medicines, Personal Protection Equipment’s etc.

Deep burial method


Blood Bags, Infusion sets, plastic tubing’s, rubber catheters, cut plastics,

Latex gloves.

Deep burial method


Glass Bottles, Injection vials, needles Surgical Blades etc.

Deep burial, Auto-claving/heat drying and Recycling