Faculty of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry

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1. Student's Welfare Office

           This unit is headed by Dr Sajjad Ahmad Bhat, Assistant Students Welfare Officer, assisted by Mrs Lailee, Head Assistant and Mr. Javaid Ahmad, Store-keeper. The unit looks after the general welfare of the students besides plays an important role in an ongoing and cumulative process of Intellectual, psychological, cultural, social and spiritual growth. This growth and development is shaped by the student's involment outside the classroom and is a valuable pail of the collegiate learning experience. This office is committed to provide an exceptional co-curricular experience, supportive of the academic mission at the university, with a strong ernphsasis on all round development of the students.

           This office looks after:

  • Hostel Facilities of the students
  • Sports, Recreational and other Co-curricular activities
  • NSS Programme
  • Students Counselling
  • To promote disincline amongst students Student scholarship, stipends etc •
  • Facilitating student tours
  • To supervise health care

2. Medical section

            This unit is headed by Dr. Arif Ahmad, Medical Officer, assisted by paramedical staff Mr Hilal Ahmad, Sr Medical Assistant, Mrs. Hanifa, Medical Assistant, Mr. Fayaz Ahmad. attendant and three ambulance drivers,The unit takes care of all the medical fcailiiies of the satudents besides medical and ambulance servies are available 24x7 for transportation of patients in emergency situations.

3. Carrer Counselling and Placement Center (CPC)

            This centre is headed by Prof. Azmat Alam Khan, Cordinator, CCPC, FVSc & AH, Shuhama The centre looks after the carrier counseling and placement opportunities of the students by organizing on campus placements, motivational speeches and interactive sessions in order to promote sense of entrepreneurship amongst the students of the faculty.

4. Gym Fitness Centre

            Comprising of gym facilities are housed in the ground floor of the building. Students enjoy the facilities up to late night in order to acquire physical fitness and health.

5. Canteen

            A 24x7 canteen facilities are also housed in the ground floor of the building wherein students are facilitated foods and other beverages at economically approved rates.