Faculty of Forestry


The faculty has recently approved the creation of divisions In Board of Studies and Faculty Meeting in accordance 5th Deans’ Committee Report (ICAR). Hence, the faculty in now in a position to offer degrees with specializations at both MSc and PhD level in the following disciplines:

  • Silviculture and Agroforestry
  • Forest Biology and Tree Improvement
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Forest Products and Utilization
  • Wildlife Sciences

Besides these programmes, the faculty organizes need based short term trainings and formal short term training courses for the in-service (Assistant Professors and above, Officials from line departments).

The faculty is manned with 19 teaching (all having PhD in different specializations) and 22 (non-teaching) staff working with coherence under different capacities and disciplines.

Thrust areas of the Faculty

  • Trained manpower generation to improve resource base in forestry
  • Sustainable and productive agroforestry systems
  • Climate resilient forestry
  • Clonal forestry and crop/species improvement
  • Advancement in technology (Remote sensing and GIS) for accurate forest resource inventory
  • Exploring the potential of temperate medicinal and aromatic plants for developing entrepreneurship.
  • Innovative research on forest and grassland biomass stock and productivity
  • Research on energy plantations, fodder bank etc. to balance the increasing demand of fuel wood and fodder