Monthly Workshop for the Capacity Building of Extension functionaries for the month of May 2021

It is to inform you that Monthly workshop for Capacity Building of Extension Functionaries for May 2021, is to be held on May 4, 2021 (1st Tuesday of the month) at 11:00 am thorough Zoom Cloud meeting. All the extension personnel from Line Departments (Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary, Fisheries, Forestry, Floriculture, Sericulture, Etc), KVK SMS’ and Resource Personnel from the Divisions of SKUAST-K are requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the same (link for the meeting will be sent on designated whatsapp group).

All the Heads and Resource Persons from the Divisions of SKUAST-K are requested to send their monthly messages for the month of May 2021 latest by 25th of April 2021 so as to include it in the compiled Monthly Message.