Agricultural Research Information System (ARIS)


ARIS cell is doing following functions:

  • Establishment and Management of LAN and WiFi at all Faculties;
  • Maintenance of Fibre, Router, Central Core Switch and Firewall;
  • Management of Internet users on Firewall;
  • Management of Internet bandwidth through Firewall of all Campii;
  • Security of University data and network;
  • Management of University mail services;
  • Management of Biometric Attendance System of SKUAST-K on University Network;
  • Management of Academic Module of University Management System (UMS);
  • Management of University Website (Design and daily Uploads);
  • Handling of GeM Purchase as Technical Support/Buyer;
  • Management of Fibre based CCTV circuit in Shalimar Campus;
  • Trainings to Faculty Members of SKUAST-K;
  • Support to Officers and Faculty for online webinars and meetings;
  • Support for IP based Video conferencing of HVC and officers with State administration;
  • Establishment and maintenance of virtual class room in consultation with ICAR; and
  • Trouble shooting of Network nodes on daily basis.