Fisheries Resource Management


  • Teaching, Research and Extension with respect to Fisheries Resource of the region are the mandates of the Division. In this direction following steps are being taken at Division level:
  1. Feeding Biology of fish species of Kashmir and Ladakh for use in evolving culture technology of fishes.
  2. Fish & Fishery biology/Stock Assessment of different water bodies of Kashmir for enhanced fish production.
  3. Reproductive biology including endocrine profiling of commercially important fishes in Kashmir and Ladakh regions for enhanced production.
  4. Seed Production of endemic Schizothorax species.
  5. Fish Biodiversity of Kashmir & Ladakh for culture and capture fisheries.
  6. Conservation and management of aquatic resources for food/sport/tourism vis-à-vis Fisheries.
  7. Extension work especially with respect to fish conservation and management.
  8. Impact Assessment of exotics on the local fish fauna.