Division of Fish Genetics and Biotechnology ( FGB)


Division of Fish Genetics and Biotechnology offers Masters programs in Fish Biotechnology (FBT) from the last 3 years. During these couple of years, this division has made great excellence in Teaching, Research and Extension in Fish Genetics and Biotechnology area. Division of Fish Genetics and Biotechnology provides training in Fish Breeding, Fish Biotechnology, Advances in  Molecular Biology techniques,  Fish Hatchery and Management practices, Genetics Conservation of Fish Biodiversity, Broodstock development and Quality seed production for Farmers, entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, Govt. Officials, Fisheries Professionals etc. This division is working in collaboration with leading ICAR Fisheries institutes, NFDB and DBT (GoI) in many research sponsored projects. Recently Division of Fish Genetics and Biotechnology has received a Star College Scheme from DBT, Govt. of India