Ph.D. Entomology (Ag.)

Core courses

ENT-601 (1+1)

Advanced Insect Ecology

ENT-604 (1+2)

Advanced Insect Systematics

ENT-606 (2+0)

Advanced Insect Physiology

ENT-608 (2+1)

Advanced Insecticide Toxicology

ENT-691 (0+2)

Doctoral credit seminars

Optional Courses

ENT-602 (1+1)

Recent Trends in Biological Control

ENT-603 (2+0)

Advanced Integrated Pest Management

ENT-605 (1+1)

Immature Stages of Insects

ENT-607 (1+1)

Insect Behaviour

ENT-609 (1+1)

Advanced Host Plant Resistance

ENT-610 (1+1)

Advanced Acarology

ENT-611 (1+1)

Agricultural Ornithology

ENT-612 (1+1)

Molecular Approaches in Entomological Research

ENT-613 (2+1)

Current topics in Nematode disease development and host resistance

ENT-614 (2+1)

Advances in Nematode Management