M.Sc. Entomology (Ag.)

Core courses

ENT-501 (1+1)

Insect Morphology

ENT-502 (2+1)

Insect Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition

ENT-503 (2+1)

Classification of Insects

ENT-504 (1+1)

Insect Ecology

ENT-505 (2+1)

Toxicology of Insecticides

ENT-506 (1+1)

Principles of Integrated Pest Management

ENT-591 (1+0)

Credit seminar

Optional courses

ENT-507 (2+0)

Principles of Taxonomy

ENT-508 (1+1)

Insect Pathology

ENT-509 (1+1)

Biological control of crop pests & weeds

ENT-510 (1+1)

Plant resistance to insects

ENT-511 (1+1)

Pests of field crops

ENT-512 (1+1)

Pests of horticultural and plantation crops

ENT-513 (1+1)

Storage Entomology

ENT-514 (1+1)

Insect vectors of plant viruses and other pathogens

ENT-515 (1+1)

General Acarology

ENT-516 (1+1)

Soil arthropods and their management

ENT-517 (1+1)

Vertebrate Pest management

ENT-518 (0+1)

Techniques in Plant Protection

ENT-519 (1+1)

Commercial Entomology

ENT-520 (2+0)

Plant Quarantine

ENT-521 (2+1)

Principles of Nematology

ENT-522 (3+1)

Nematode diseases of crops

ENT-523 (2+1)

Nematode interactions with other organisms

ENT-524 (2+1)

Nematode management

ENT-525 (1+1)

Beneficial Nematodes