Social Science


Course code

Course Name

Credit Hours



Lecture Schedule

BSH-111 Introductory Forest Economics 2(2+0) 1st Sem



SSC-111 Statistical Methods 3 (2+1) 1st Sem



SSC-112 Communication Skills and personality Development 1(0+1) 1st  Sem



SSC-123 Information and communication Technology 2(1+1) 2nd  Sem



SSC-215 Fisheries Economics 3(2+1) 3rd Sem



SSC-316 Disaster Management in Fisheries 2(1+1) 3rd Sem



SSC-215 Fisheries Economics 3(2+1) 3rd Sem



SSC-227 Fisheries Extension Education 3(2+1) 4th Sem



SSC-225 Fisheries Administration and Legislation 2(2+0) 4th Sem



SSC-318 Fisheries Cooperatives and Marketing 3(2+1) 5th Sem



NRM-328 Marketing and Trade of Forest Produce 3(2+1) 5th Sem



SSC-327 Financing and Marketing Management 2(1+1) 6th Sem



SSC-328 Entrepreneurship Development and Communication Skills 2(1+1) 6th Sem



SSC-327 Cooperative, Banking and Marketing Management 2(1+1) 6th Sem



SSC-419  Fisheries Extension Education Communication & Rural Sociology 3(2+1) 7th Sem



SSC-418 Project Formulation, Monitoring & Implementation 4(2+2) 7th Sem



SSC-419 Fisheries Extension, Communication and Rural Sociology 4(2+2) 7th Sem