Social Science


Division of Social Sciences is one of the multi-disciplinary unit of the Faculty of Fisheries, comprise of specializations like Fisheries Economics, Fisheries Extension, Statistics & Computer Sciences. The Division is offering various courses for UG and one specialized PG programme (MFSc Fisheries Extension) and will be commencing another PG programme (MFSc Fisheries Economics) from this academic year. We are providing an ideal learning situation to produce professionals specializing and young experts with competence to address various socio-economic issues associated with fisheries sector. The Division has been conducting policy oriented research to support Fisheries sub-sectors of agriculture, which has been sustaining a weaker section of the society in the state. The Division is striving for the exploration of options to redress the various socio-economic issues associated with this sector for its inclusive development. Beside this specialized section of the faculty is providing consultancy services to the Government of Jammu & Kashmir and its scientific faculty has been actively engaged extension activities.