Veterinary Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine

The mission of Division  of  Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine  is to improve the overall health of animal and human populations through dissemination of knowledge to prevent, control, or eradicate disease and to  promote sustainable agricultural productivity through livestock sector.The mission incorporates each of the three components of teaching, research, and extension. The teaching mission is the education of graduate, professional, and post-graduate students as well as the provision of outreach education in effective disease control, prevention, and eradication strategies to meet current and future societal needs in veterinary medicine and public health. The research mission is the discovery of knowledge leading to the development of methods to prevent disease; ensure agricultural sustainability, productivity, and efficiency; and, promote health in human and animal populations. The extension mission is to provide professional expertise to assist in the decision-making processes of animal and human health professionals and commercial organizations, as well as local, state, national, and international organizations as they endeavor to promote the health of human and animal populations.