Livestock Products Technology

  • The production, preservation and marketing of livestock products and by-products derived from them constitute a vital component of animal agriculture and assume huge significance in view of its role in contributing to overall socio-economic development of rural and urban populace alike. Since every domestic animal can be ultimately salvaged for utilization in a number of ways besides having yielded its life time output in the form of milk, eggs, wool etc., the element of animal products technology constitutes an essential component of all animal production programmes.
  • With a view to achieve these goals, the Division of Animal Products Technology was established under the umbrella of Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry of erstwhile SKUAST in 1989. By doing so, the SKUAST joined several ICAR institutes and State Agricultural Universities in bringing the teaching, research and extension education on animal production, animal health and animal products technology under one roof. With the reorganization in year 2002, the nomenclature of the division was changed to Livestock Products Technology (LPT) and has since been maintained so as a discipline in conformity with the course curriculum prescribed by Veterinary Council of India and adopted by SKUAST-Kashmir.