Animal Biotechnology




1.      Human Resource Development in Biotechnology


  • Post graduate (MVSc and PhD) teaching and research in animal biotechnology
  • Build state-of-art PG teaching & research facilities:  SMART classrooms and e-learning portal, research labs.
  • Student exchange program with premier institutions in India and abroad.
  • Visiting faculty to support teaching in frontier areas.
  • Capacity building of the scientists from other institutions
  • Produce  competent, skilled and trained human resource as a driving force for building the knowledge based bioeconomy
  • Develop  research collaboration with national and international institutes
  • Inculcate team work in multi-cultural society
  • Expose students to learn and understand problems in other regions / countries
  • Share knowledge and information with other institutions around the country

2.      Biotechnological interventions for sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry in temperate and cold-arid climatic regions


  • Promote Societal Biotechnology program
  • Build  inter-disciplinary research groups within and across institutions, to address the problems facing livestock and poultry and allied sectors using systems biology  approach
  • Pursue basic and strategic research to address the problems challenging agriculture.
  • Ameliorate the livelihood of the poor and marginal farmers through use of Societal Biotechnology programs
  • Develop climate resilient varieties of animal 
  • Help the state of J & K get ready for the next green revolution (bio-revolution)

3.      Entrepreneurship development in agri-business

  • Promote knowledge and innovation as a driving force for economic development
  • Entrepreneurial trainings in emerging technologies of commercial value
  • Forge academic-industry collaboration
  • Awareness / dissemination of the generated technologies
  • Produce entrepreneurs for self employment
  • Create job opportunities