Animal Nutrition



Teaching Mandate

  • Building excellence in education and training at undergraduate and post-graduate levels in the discipline of Animal Nutrition

Research Mandate

  • Evaluation of commonly available feeds and fodders of Kashmir and Ladhak regions.
  • Investigate the feeding practices followed by the livestock farmers.
  • Screening and utilisation of new feed resources as animal feed for augmenting livestock production and formulation of low cost rations.
  • Processing and value addition of inferior quality fodders to improve their value for enhancing livestock production.
  • Evaluation of palatability and nutritive value of different pastures of Kashmir and Ladhak regions.
  • Evaluation of micro nutrient constituents (minerals) of feeds and fodders and determination of mineral status of livestock for development of Area specific mineral mixtures (ASMM).
  • Nutritional intervention for different categories of livestock during stress periods.


  • Generate skilled and trained human resource to take up the challenge of demand driven and sustainable livestock development in the region.
  • Awareness about the importance of the balanced/scientific animal feeding for higher productivity of farm animals.
  • Consultancy to the Developmental Departments of State Government (SHD and AHD) and farmers for precision nutrition to the farm animals.