Fish Nutrition & Bio-Chemistry


Fish Nutrition & Bio-Chemistry

Division of Fish Nutrition & Biochemistry came into existence with the establishment of Faculty of Fisheries at SKUAST-K. The division is imparting education to B.F.Sc. and M.F.Sc. students related to various aspects of fish nutrition and biochemistry Currently, there are 03 Scientists in the division with supporting staff. The division has so far produced 03 M.F.Sc. students in Fish Nutrition and Feed Technology and at present 03 students are enrolled for M.F.Sc. in FNFT. The division has also proposed institution of Ph.D. programme in Fish Nutrition and Feed Technology.

Nutritional requirement of commercially important coldwater fish species, development of cost effect fish feed, use of plant extracts to improve growth and immune system of fish, replacement of fish meal with other unconventional feed ingredients, both animal and plant based are the main research focus. The Faculty of Fisheries has established Fish Farm and hatchery both at Shuhama and Rangil Campus of SKUAST-K with modest facilities for implementing teaching, research and extension programmes.

Both fundamental and applied researches related to fish nutrition and feed technology of coldwater fish species are being carried out by scientists and post-graduate students of this division. The division has made good progress in developing facilities/ expertise in fish nutrition and biochemistry.

Currently the division is conducting problem-oriented researches through institutional funding. Many of the private fish farmers are facing feed management problems like how to feed, how much to feed and when to feed. The division is making efforts to train all stakeholders including farmers and also conduct research on such demanded areas.