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Shuhama, Alusteng

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Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeRCMNoStatusMore Info
Genotyping for Fec B gene in sheep at MRCSG Shuhama SKUAST- Kashmir101RCM 61ongoimgSelect
Cytogenetic screening of small Ruminants at MRCSG Shuhama SKUAST- Kashmir102RCM 61ongoimgSelect
Socio-economic status and production performance of sheep farmers flock in district Budgam203RCM 61ongoimgSelect
Exploring the demographic and morphometric variations of Kashmir Merino in three districts of Kashmir204RCM 61ongoimgSelect
Genetic diversity of growth traits in sheep breeds available at MRCGS, Shuhama using multivariate analysis for improved breeding programme.205RCM 61ongoimgSelect
Relative activism towards online teaching among different faculties of SKUAST-K and its effectiveness on learning endeavor from teachers and learner’s perspectives.206RCM 61ongoimgSelect
Exploration of unexplored goat population of district Budgam-locally known as “Koshur Goat”207RCM 61ongoimgSelect
Development of an online tool for management of sheep and goat research data for real time decision making111concludedSelect
Genetic evaluation of Corriedale sheep using Animal Models122concludedSelect
High Throughput genotyping for identification of Prolific sheep133concludedSelect
Performance Evaluation of Pashmina goats under temperate climatic conditions of Kashmir1
(In months)
Performance Evaluation of different genetic groups of Jersey Cattle and its Crosses at MLRI Manasbal155concludedSelect
Digitalization of Sheep research data base of NRCSG from 1970- 2017166concludedSelect
Statistical Teaching Aids for undergraduate students in R and Minitab software177concludedSelect
Bacterial flora of uterine secretions in Repeat breeding Cattle and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern2ARGO.37.2.137completedSelect
Incidence and therapeutic management of true anoestrus in cattle.2ARGO.37.2.137completedSelect
Histomorphological alterations in the cervix of pregnant and non-pregnant small ruminants.2ARGO.38.2.138completedSelect
Studies on tubal patency in Small ruminants2ARGO.38.2.138completedSelect
Foeto-maternal interaction in small ruminants2ARGO.38.2.35completedSelect
Use of Preg-alert for pregnancy diagnosis in cow and ewe3ARGO.40.2.140completedSelect
Collection of ram semen with Bailey ejaculator for quality evaluation during breeding and non-breeding season2ARGO.43.2.143completedSelect
Comparison of three estrous synchronization protocols with respect to estrous response rate and fertility in temperate sheep2ARGO.46.2.146completedSelect
Effect of various therapeutic regimens on conception rate in repeat breeding cows under temperate climatic conditions of Kashmir.1
(In months)
Efficacy of different therapeutic regimens in the management of Subclinical endometritis in repeat breeding dairy cows.3ARGO.58.1.258ongoingSelect
Study on Disease resistance in poultry against Salmonellosis.2ABT53 (1)53CompletedSelect
Genetic engineering for construction of the recombinant lactic acid bacteria against Salmonellosis in chicken---A novel approach towards vaccine development.2ABT54(5)53OngoingSelect
In-vitro study of tissue fibrosis via Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in Mastitic animals2ABT62-(3)62OngoingSelect
Use of portable paper microscope in follicle study and animal diagnostics2ABT58/HFB/0458CompletedSelect
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their antibacterial activity against Salmonellosis.2ABT53(3)54CompletedSelect
Expression analysis and Role of Ladinin 1 protein in breast cancer progression.3ABT58/HFB/0358CompletedSelect
In vitro culture and induced differentiation of muscle stem cells (MuSC’s) from different animal sources3ABT 63(03)63OngoingSelect
Conversion of keratin rich animal waste into composite protein films for prospective bio-medical applications (Value addition)2ABT/57/HFB/0457CompletedSelect
Expression profiling of Bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) during different Pashmina hair follicle cycling stages (ABT/57/HFB/06) 2 Years2ABT/57/HFB/0557CompletedSelect
Molecular characterization of indeginous fishes of Kashmir by DNA based studies2AU/FoFy/RCM/FNB/2010-546CompletedSelect
Preservation of chicken eggs in J&K State during different seasons2LPT2RCM2CompletedSelect
Physico-chemical analysis of Tosh Fiber1LPT 1RCM 1CompletedSelect
Incorporation of water chestnut as binder in comminuted meat products3LPT 3RCM 3CompletedSelect
Development of indigenous milk products utilizing Goat and Ewe milk3LPT 4RCM 4CompletedSelect
Quality evaluation of milk and milk products in Kashmir3LPT 5RCM 5CompletedSelect
Standardization and quality evaluation of Harrisa3LPT 6RCM 6CompletedSelect
Evaluation of carcass and meat characteristics of broiler/culled rabbit for popularization of non-conventional sources of meat3LPT 7RCM 7CompletedSelect
Shelf Life of mutton preserved by pickling and storage at room temperature under temperate climatic conditions3LPT 8RCM 8CompletedSelect
Processing performance of different grades/types of wool available in Kashmir valley3LPT 8RCM 8CompletedSelect
Optimization of processing parameters for development of milk based novel food products3LPT 9RCM 9CompletedSelect
Utilization of some edible plant ingredients for the development of functional livestock food products5LPT 10RCM 10OngoingSelect
Studies on feasibility of the production of worsted grade wool through alteration in shearing frequency3LPT 12RCM 12OngoingSelect
Standardisation of Technique for Pashmina identification by PCR Based method2LPT 13RCM 13OngoingSelect
Use of Mushroom Waste as growth promoter in broiler chicken2LPM-CompletedSelect
Comparative efficiency of different sources of vegetable oils on the performance of broiler chicken2LPM-OngoingSelect
Effect of stocking density on the performance of Vanaraja birds2LPM-OngoingSelect
Fermentation of Poultry Slaughter Waste and its utilization in Poultry Feed2LPM-OngoingSelect
Study of Economics of 3 cow dairying unit of Division of LPM1LPM60OngoingSelect
Study of birth-weight, mortality and calving patterns in purebred & crossbred calves across different seasons in the agroclimatic conditions of Kashmir2LPM60OngoingSelect
Evaluation of water quality used by livestock farmers of District Ganderbal3LPM-CompletedSelect
Effect of re-used litter material on the performance of Vanaraja birds1LPM-862OngoingSelect
Effect of position of chicken eggs during incubation on hatchability1LPM-962OngoingSelect
Influence of supplementation with fruit extract (Apricot) on performance of broiler chicken1LPM-1062OngoingSelect
Constraints perceived by the small-scale dairy farmers in Baramulla district of Kashmir3LPM-1162OngoingSelect
Study on animal waste management practices of local farmers in Ganderbal and Srinagar district1LPM-1262OngoingSelect
Livestock extension delivery during covid-19 pandemic in Kashmir valley3
(In months)
Training need assessment of Livestock Extension delivery personnel's in Kashmir valley1
(In months)
Bovine Disease prevalence pattern reported under the organized livestock service delivery setup in Kashmir valley1
(In months)
Prevalence and management of Bovine mastitis in Ganderbal district of Kashmir valley6
(In months)
Smart Phone Usage Pattern Of Livestock Farmers Of Ganderbal District6
(In months)
Mycotic Diseases in Domestic Animals3..CompletedSelect
Epidemiology, molecular characterization & clinical management of contagious ecthyma using non-antimicrobial agents2..CompletedSelect
Monitoring of Heavy metals & Trace elements in bovine milk2..OngoingSelect
Studies on the disease entities/potential risk factors , Prevalence and therapeutic management of diarrhea in adult dairy cattle2.5..OngoingSelect
Epidemiological study and sero-diagnosis of Brucellosis in Ruminants (Cattle, Sheep and Goat2..OngoingSelect
Evaluation of commonly used insecticides and acaricides against ectoparasites of livestock.5Not AllotedNot Allotedunder progressSelect
Evaluation of commonly used anthelmintics against GI helminths of ruminants in Kashmir valley5Not AllotedNot Allotedunder progressSelect
Pasture larval burden of grazing land of livestock in Kashmir valley3.67Not AllotedNot Allotedunder progressSelect
Screening of snails for establishing the IMH status for Paramphistome trematode3.67Not AllotedNot Allotedunder progressSelect
Epidemiology of bovine coccidiosis in Kashmir valley and its associated risk factors2Not AllotedNot AllotedWork in progressSelect
Isolation and identification of food-borne microorganisms from milk and milk products in Srinagar2VPH-11ConcludedSelect
Study on Food-Borne Microorganisms of Table Eggs in Srinagar2VPH-22ConcludedSelect
Bacteriological Analysis of Ground & Stream water with regard to different seasons in and around Srinagar2VPH-33ConcludedSelect
Prevalence and antibiogram of Listeria spp. in foods of animal origin in and around Srinagar city2VPH-44ConcludedSelect
Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of Cryptosporidium spp in surface waters2VPH-55ConcludedSelect
Ultrasonographic and Radiographic interpretation for the diagnosis of surgical affections of stifle in sheep1
(In months)
Ultrasound guided minimally invasive tube cystotomy for the management of obstructive urolithiasis in sheep1
(In months)
Standardization of sonocum electro location guided femoral and sciatic nerve block in sheep1
(In months)
Angiographic pattern of udder and teat in healthy goats and goats undergoing clinical mastitis2-63rdongoingSelect
Evaluation of different medicaments for wound healing and skin regenerative agent in clinical cases.1.5-63rd.OngoingSelect
Evaluation of different medicaments for wound healing and skin regenerative agent in clinical cases.1.5-63rd.OngoingSelect
Determination of Udder health by ultrasonography in dairy cows1.5-63rdOngoingSelect
Ultrasonography of superficial swellings in sheep1.5-63rdOngoingSelect
Acute effect of Keyhole spaying on Lipid peroxidation and some antioxidant balance in bitches7
(In months)
Evaluation of Bergenia ciliata for its wound healing efficacy1
(In months)
Clinical evaluation of Rheum emodi for its wound healing efficiacy5-59thCompletedSelect
Studies on surgical affections of udder and teats in ruminants1
(In months)
Studies on surgical affections of udder and teats in ruminants1
(In months)
Regional anaesthesia in sheep with special emphasis on nerve blocks using ultrasonography3-55thCompletedSelect
Corrosion casting of animal tissues as a model aid in teaching biological science3012015-01completedSelect
Skeletal anatomy of birds in the context of feeding and flight behaviour3022015-02completedSelect
Radiography as a tool to study the developmental anatomy with sheep as reference animal3032015-03completedSelect
Sheet Plastination an Alternative Source for Preservation of Biological Samples30404ongoingSelect
Histomorphological and certain histochemical studies on the developing larynx, trachea and lungs of sheep30505ongoingSelect
Morphology and Histology of endocrine organs of prenatal sheep30606ongoingSelect
Developmental ossification sequence of forelimb and hind limb bones of sheep by Alizarin red staining30707ongoingSelect
Cranial nerves and associated ganglions in ruminants : Macroscopic study30808ongoingSelect
Comparative study of blood vasculature of brain in ruminants30909ongoingSelect
Supplementation of Quercetin rich locally available foods in transition period to overcome transition stress in cattle2-56thCompletedSelect
Isolation, Culture and Characterization of mesenchymal stem Cells (MSCs) derived from abattoir sheep foetuses2-58thCompletedSelect
Effect of Dandlion supplementation during puerperium period on reproductive performance and milk yield in crossbred cattle2-58thongoingSelect
Efficiency of thermography in early detection of mastitis in dairy cows2-60thongoingSelect
Predisposition of different physiological states and seasons on Electrocardiographic pattern in sheep of temperate climate2-61thongoingSelect
Comparative assessment of erythrocyte osmotic fragility around parturition and different seasons in different sheep breeds2-61thongoingSelect
Histopathological and histochemical characterization of lesions induced by various gastrointestinal parasites in sheep and goat with special reference to coccidiosis30011completedSelect
Studies on hypertension syndrome in poultry1
(In months)
Studies on coccidiosis in poultry30033concludedSelect
Histopathological and histochemical charcterisation of lesions due to coccidiosis in naturally affected chickens1
(In months)
Neonatal diarrhea in ruminants: etiological associations and pathomorphological correlates.30055ongoingSelect
Respiratory disorders in Sheep & Goat20066concludedSelect
Etiopathology and mortality of Sheep & Goat in Abomasal disorders1
(In months)
Investigations into perinatal mortality in small ruminants30088ongoingSelect
Predictors of embryonic losses and post-hatch performance of chickens in temperate climatic conditions.30099ongoingSelect
Mortality in Chicken: Spatial distribution and Pathological correlates1
(In months)
Avian Nephropathy: deciphering etiopathological correlates in chicken31111ongoingSelect
Pathomorphological studies on affections of Bursa of Fabricius in broilers in various disease conditions.Dr. S. A. Kamil, Dr. S A Shah & Dr. Majid Shafi.31262ndongoingSelect
Studies on the spontaneously occurring gout in broilers.31362ndongoingSelect
Pathomorphological studies on affections of spleen in broilers in various disease conditions.31462ndongoingSelect
Evaluation of Ultrasound Guided Cranial Nerve blocks in small Ruminants3K-Apr-2018K-Apr-2018On goingSelect
Luteal Profile and Conception rate in realation to p\Pre-ovulatory Follicle size at insemination in dairy cows.3K-Apr-2018K-Apr-2018On goingSelect
Ovarian and Fertility responses following administration of GnRH at Estrus and PGF2a during Diestrus in Repeat Breeder Cattle3K-Apr-2018K-Apr-2018On goingSelect
Evaluation of Thelotomy for Milk flow Obstructions in Cows.3K-Apr-2018K-Apr-2018On goingSelect