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High Density Plantation

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Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeRCMNoStatusMore Info
Novel morphogenetic diversity assessment in Malus Wild Apple genotypes in Kashmir111OngoingSelect
Developing seedling population for future apple & Sweet cherry cultivar selections112OngoingSelect
Survey selection and evaluation of promising almond selections.113OngoingSelect
Effect of foliar application of calcium, boron and zinc on yield and quality of high density Apple cv. Silver Spur114OngoingSelect
Combined influence of scion and rootstocks on plant growth, quality and productivity of cherry.115OngoingSelect
Performance studies of exotic pear cultivars under Kashmir conditions116OngoingSelect
Influence of ground reflectors on the colour and quality of Fuji apple117OngoingSelect
Effect of time of collection and storage of graftwood on grafting success of walnuts118OngoingSelect
Impact of different training systems on growth and productivity of high density sweet cherry.119OngoingSelect
Performance study of new apple varieties under Kashmir conditions.1110OngoingSelect
Survey, selection, evaluation and multiplication of good quality Kashmiri Nakh selections in Kashmir valley1
(In months)
Multiplication of new apple clonal rootstocks1
(In months)
High density apple orcharding in Kashmir and Ladakh regions.1113OngoingSelect
Performance study of newly introduced nectarine varieties under Kashmir conditions1114OngoingSelect
Performance study of introduced strawberry varieties under Kashmir conditions1115OngoingSelect
Studies on Integrated Nutrient Management in apple cv. Silver Spur for better fruit quality.11
(In months)
Studies on epicotyle and bark grafting propagation techniques in walnut.11
(In months)
Effect of rooting media and planting date on rooting of kiwifruit cv. Hayward11
(In months)
Effect of grafting time, size of rootstock and environmental conditions on grafting of walnut.11
(In months)
Comparative evaluation studies of selected Ambri apple genotypes.11
(In months)
Management of lichens in fruit orchards .11
(In months)
Studies on Integrated Nutrient Management in nectarine crop cv. Snow Queen.1
(In months)
Impact of training system on growth, yield and quality of grape cv. Sahebi1
(In months)
Survey, selection, introduction and collection of elite genotypes of fig in south Kashmir10
(In months)
Survey and selection of elite genotypes of peach in south Kashmir.10
(In months)
Survey and selection of elite genotypes of hazelnut in central and south Kashmir.10
(In months)
To study the biochemical and nutritional attributes of different apple cultivars using modern analytical tools.10
(In months)
Crop regulation in Gala Must apple through the use of different thinning methods.10
(In months)
Evaluation studies of Ambri Selections on different clonal rootstocks.10
(In months)
Effect of growing media and gibberellic acid on kiwi seed germination.10
(In months)
Studies on grafting methods and timing in chestnut under zero energy polyhouse1131OngoingSelect
Performance studies of different graft combinations of Pear.1132OngoingSelect
Impact of Advanced Technology on the Productivity of Various Crops and Upliftment of Farmers2AEM-011998-01CompletedSelect
Resource Use Efficiency of Sericulture in Kashmir Valley.2AEM-022005-01CompletedSelect
Economic Viability of Poultry Farms (Broiler) in Kashmir valley2AEM-032007-01CompletedSelect
Economics of Apple Orchard Establishment and Management2AEM-042007-02CompletedSelect
Economic Evaluation of Spray Schedule5AEM-052007-03CompletedSelect
Economics of Walnut Growers in Kashmir3AEM-062007-04CompletedSelect
Economic Evaluation of various Vegetable Farms in Kashmir3AEM-072008-01CompletedSelect
Food and Nutritional Security in Jammu and Kashmir5AEM-082011-01CompletedSelect
Socio-Economic Analysis of Fisheries Sector in Kashmir2AEM-092011-02CompletedSelect
Resource productivity and Allocation in Dairy Farming with Cross Bred Cows in Temperate Region of Jammu and Kashmir.2AEM-102011-03CompletedSelect
Economic Evaluation of Spray Schedule Valuation9.92AEM-112012-01Long Term (On-going)Select
Livelihood Platforms of Gurez Valley1AEM-122013-01CompletedSelect
Research and Extension Prioritization in Changthang and Zanskar Regions of Ladakh1AEM-132014-01CompletedSelect
Water Resource Management in Cold Arid Ladakh2AEM-142014-02CompletedSelect
Viability of Rice Farming in Kashmir2AEM-152015-01CompletedSelect
High Density Apple Production System: Implications Towards Livelihood Security9.92AEM-162015-02Long Term (On-going)Select
HighLand Use Change and its Implications2SAE & AEM-012017-01Transferred to FoFySelect
Economic Efficiency and Potential for Mechanization in Temperate Fruit Crops of J&K State2SAE&HBM -022017-02CompletedSelect
Precision Farming and Potential in Ladakh2SAE & HBM - 032017 - 03Transferred to FoFySelect
Pollination Service Market and Entrepreneurship Development2SAE & HBM - 042017 - 04CompletedSelect
Drying studies of apple pomace using tray & vacuum oven dryer1RCM /FoH/Div COAET/21CompletedSelect