Research Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Propagation of Apple using dwarfing/semi-dwarfing interstem301Dr. Farooq Apeer1completed
Micronutrient application in garlic0.082Dr. Mushtaq A Chatoo2completed
Sulphur fertilization in potato23Dr. Faisal Nabi3completed
Integrated nutrient management in garlic-beans-spinach cropping sequence24Dr. Mushtaq A Chatoo4completed
Effect of bio-fertilizers on growth and seed yield of antirrhinum25Dr. Arif. H.Wani5completed
Yield and quality of pea (Pisum sativum L.) as affected by different levels of zinc and farmyard manure36Dr. Rakshanda6completed
Shelf life studies of Red Velox apple0.177Dr. Nazir A Ganae7completed
Survey, selection and evaluation of indigenous turf/lawn grasses of Kashmir0.088Dr. Arif. H.Wani8continuing
Evaluation of different varieties/ selections of Garlic under agro climatic conditions of Kashmir0.087Dr. Rakshanda7continuing
Effect of brassinosteroids on growth and productivity of strawberry39Dr. Angrej Ali9continuing
Studies on production of flowering size bulbs of tulip310Dr. Arif. H.Wani10continuing
Effect of exogenous application of brassinosteroids on growth, yield and quality of apple211Dr. Angrej Ali11continuing
Development and Storage stability of Spice Tikki (Ver) using different packaging materials212Dr. Shahnaz12continuing
Development of spice and vegetable based ready to serve beverage213Dr. Shahnaz13continuing
Studies on effect of different pulsing solutions and duration on the vase life of chrysanthemum0.0814Dr. Arif. H.Wani14continuing
Effect of growth retardants on Growth, Flowering and bulb yield of Asiatic Lilium215Dr. Kaise. M. Malik15continuing
Studies on vegetative propagation of Magnolia soulangeana by air layering216Dr. Arif. H.Wani16continuing
Development of Nutritious ready to eat food using extrusion technology217Dr. Shahnaz17continuing
Studies on effect of organic manure and bio inoculants on growth flowering and seed yield of verbena hybrida218Dr. Kaiser. M. Malik18continuing