Veterinary Clinical Complex

Research Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Evaluation of Ultrasound Guided Cranial Nerve blocks in small Ruminants3K-Apr-2018Dr. Shahid Hussian DarK-Apr-2018On going
Luteal Profile and Conception rate in realation to p\Pre-ovulatory Follicle size at insemination in dairy cows.3K-Apr-2018Dr. Khursheed Ahmad SofiK-Apr-2018On going
Ovarian and Fertility responses following administration of GnRH at Estrus and PGF2a during Diestrus in Repeat Breeder Cattle3K-Apr-2018Dr. Gh Rasool BhatK-Apr-2018On going
Evaluation of Thelotomy for Milk flow Obstructions in Cows.3K-Apr-2018Dr. M R FaziliK-Apr-2018On going